RE: Big Growth For LEO Finance & Hive Requires Education & Feeding Imaginations

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Quick: How many clicks does it take to join Hive?

I'd like to see us remove or reduce the friction points and provide for a smoother experience for new people.

On Twitter for instance, I see many mentions of Hive, but rarely see a "join here" link. I'd also like to see a revamp of the singup process. A one-click button, just like Amazon. Also friendlier text. Right now it says "Signup"" I'd replace that with "Join Hive"

Treat it more like a family or a club. We're not signing up for cable.

Once in at: replace "signup for Hive" with "Join Hive" Some people don't like signing up for things as it infers an obligation or a payment. But they are more open to "joining" something like a club or association.

Next up we see the words "Registration Providers" another unfriendly phrase.

Sounds like an insurance company. Words matter.

The potential member is then hit with a dizzying array of NINE different ways to "register" again, friction. None of them has any explanation as to what they are. Written by geeks for geeks. Not at all welcoming to someone new. I'd scrap all of that and replace it with one big red button labeled "join."

I could go on, but you get the idea. Apple is particularly good at boiling multiple steps down to only what is needed. They realize that time is money and create an expierence that gets out of your way and just works. I'd like to see the same thing on Hive.

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