Done selling Doge for now. Let's talk about other holdings.

19 days ago
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The plan was to sell 50% of my stake.


Last we spoke there were still a few hail Mary orders waiting to be filled if the price were to shoot up. Last night it did shoot up and I have indicated where the last order sold out. It will take a couple days to pull out the resulting Monero generated.

Bitcoin has popped again today and it is nearing new ATHs as you read this, currently at $43,850 as valued in paper bank notes. Doge has lost a little ground due to the BTC spike, but I am still holding half of my original buy from 2017. If it falls to where it was last month, it costs me nothing to keep it in a wallet for another four years. There is no plan to re-buy any dip.

Conversely, if EM goes crazy and pushes this coin to the stars, I will regret the sale of nearly 200,000 Doge, but I will be happy to still have a large bucket of the new wonder-coin.

Other current holdings:

HiveEntry in dollarsCurrent Status
Lbry Credits00.02000.12

Not listed are multiple BTC forks, LTC forks, and other secure coins that I track on a daily basis, waiting for a pop. Among them are Dash, Pivx, ZCash, Ark, DMme, Tube, Sense, and Leo.

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