Noise.Cash - A complete guide (How to use it and what you have to do?)

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Noise.Cash, is already a very popular word in the Leo Finance community. Until a few days ago I didn't know what it was and since I didn't want to look like the fool of the place, I went out to investigate and discover by myself what Noise.Cash was, I discovered that it is a project that looks a lot like the idea they have for a microbloggin of leo. Initially I didn't want to open an account since it's a challenge for me to be active daily in leo finance doing something over 500 words and now also to constantly publish in noise something over 500 words was a bit stressful. But I was pleasantly surprised that it was not what I thought, since the vital thing in Noise is to conquer or hit the target with few words. And after participating with some noiseets (my way of calling the posts) I realized the great potential that Noise.Cash has, mainly in relation with the soon to be released microbloggin function of leo, I think the same thing that @coyotelation said in its publication that Noise Cash is an excellent training for what is to come.

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I know that at the beginning you need guidance to know how it works and that's why I have studied every function to write a post tutorial about, I will give you every detail so you can know all the functions and above all you can participate in the LeoFinance chamber created by @FriendlyMoose, where you will find other lions that also participate every day with additional information or advertising their publications. So let's start from the beginning:

¿What is Noise.Cash?

Recently there has been a lot of news circulating about the problems with social networks such as twitter or facebook that collect all your data and sell it to the highest bidder without giving you absolutely nothing in return. Noise Cash was born to avoid these problems, because it is a social network where you can be paid for the publications you make and do not ask for any data of any kind (only your email) and the currency used to pay you is the BCH, where through small tips you are accumulating fractions of BCH.

How to sign up?

It's very simple, just go to And already on the page you will see the following:


Then go to the box that says Get Started.


That will take us to a form where we will put a user name (I recommend your own name from Leo Finance, for easier recognition), our email and a password and click on register.


Then the email you put in the registration form will receive an email where you will be given the information to verify your account. And after verifying your account you open your Noise Cash account and the first thing that will appear is the rules of the site that I invite you to read them very well, because if you do not agree you will not be able to open the account and if you violate them they will delete your account. The rules are as follows:


Obviously, these are rules for maintaining a clear focus and rules about what can and cannot be shared. One thing I agree on is that those who tip or follow will be eliminated (FINALLY A SOCIAL NETWORK THAT UNDERSTANDS ME) as well as those who share insults, racism or like Trump, calls for violence, are not allowed in Noise. What I don't agree with is that these rules can be used to unfairly close accounts just like traditional networks do, but now it remains to be seen if something like this will happen.

After registering and reading the rules, let's see how the site works.

When you are in your profile feed, you will see something like this:


At the top you will see a whole panel with different functions (Note that this is still under development and this may change) the first option we see is Subcriptions and if we click it will take us to all the publications of those who have followed.



The next option in the panel is Chambers, if you click there you can see all the communities that have been created in Noise Cash, you can see the many specific topics that users like to talk about, you can also see communities of different languages and as Noise Cash becomes more known will increase. I invite you to find the community of Leo Finance and join, there they give away candies.



In the next ption you will see Explore, which allows you to explore all the publications that are created in Noise Cash no matter which Chamber you belong to, you will see that every second there are new publications that explore different topics (Although most of them are pure garbage, you can find very valuable pearls).



The next thing on the panel is the notification bell, which will tell you who has commented or given you a tip, you can also receive notifications of how many cents you have to tip others, etc..

nc4 2.png


And in the last option of the panel you can see your username and that by clicking it you can see other options that are displayed: My posts, Site rules, Wallet, Dark/light mode, logout.



Wallet Configuration

In order to receive your BCH reward you must have an external BCH wallet, if you don't have one suggesting, among others. As Noise Cash is updated and improved a wallet will be added that belongs to the site to avoid using third party apps, after you have configured it correctly the small tips will begin to arrive in the form of BCH.

If you liked this publication and want to support me, I leave you the address of my wallet, think about it ;)

Make a post and give tips

To make your posts you have 3 functions that can help you: 1) Camera - take a picture, 2) Picture - upload a picture, 3) Torch - choose a suitable Chamber for your publication.


This is an example of how to make a publication with images. And after you have written your ideas and chosen a suitable image you press Post and that's it.


Giving a tip is very simple and above all beneficial since it earns the person you give the tip to and also you, because you can set the percentage you want to go for you, is something like what is done in Hive and Leo finance. But you must take into account that if you set a very high percentage for you the system will not give you more cents to tip, so you must set something that is reasonable, I have set 30% for me and 70% for the author and every day Noise Cash gives me $ 0.15 or more to continue tipping others.

To tip, click on the $ and the settings for how much you want to tip and what percentage will be for you will be displayed. Remember that if you are generous and constantly tip others you will never be short of the balance to tip.



Finally, it's important to remember: If you want to prosper in Noise Cash you must learn to relate and create lasos, because if you think that being a lone wolf you will receive many tips because this is not for you, besides the money you have to give tips to others you can not assign them to you. To have many people following your publications and giving you tips you must do it first, remember that it is like a symbiosis and everyone does their part. To follow someone just click on the name of a user and you will get the option to follow them or view their profile. For example here I am starting to create links following @wiseagent.



Sin título.png
Mi precioso

Personally I think Noise Cash is like a beautiful gold ring, since it has everything I've always wanted:

Leo's microblogging training: I honestly didn't know how to do microblogging since I thought it was to make a 200 word publication, but by looking more closely at the publications of great users like @behivers, @wiseagent, @bitcoinflood I have learned a lot about how to make a great impression with few words.

More rewards in a short time: For example look at this post of @behivers where he tells us that since the beginning until today he has already been able to earn 0.10 BCH that would be almost 50$, and Noise Cash has little more than a month.

Sin título.png

BCH rewards: At a time when everyone is looking towards the BTC, other currencies with even more potential like the BCH are gaining momentum, let's remember when in 2017 it surprised us all and had an ATH of $4,355 and right now we are seeing a great bullish run and if you look at the BCH charts you will see progress, so it is a currency with a great road ahead.


More marketing tools: One last reason why I think Noise.Cash is great is because it's a great marketing tool, since every day hundreds of users join and as Noise Cash becomes known there will be thousands of people joining every day, and if we also advertise Leo Finance don't you think they will also be excited to join and become Lions too?

Of course, as I have said several times, we still have to see the development that Noise Cash will have, but if you already have an account CONGRATULATIONS you are already on the train of success, because if we remember when Leo Finance started was small and did not call attention, but look at everything that is now, because I am very confident that Noise Cash will have the same success.

If you still don't have an account at Noise cash I invite you to open it immediately, also I invite you to share the links of the publications you do at Leo Finance to have also rewards at BCH.

If you have an account at Noise.Cash, you can find me as fabian98 and I will also give you the link:

Thank you very much for reading and I am happy to bring this to the community so it can grow, I hope you have a good day.


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I agree with you guys. is great training for the upcoming LeoFinance microblogging app.

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Yes, it does.

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Good introduction!
I'm also curious if the Leofinance micro logging will be something like it.
What I like about is that I also can post other things than finance related stuff.


I want to know that to


this post deserves more upvotes, great guide my man! I'll see you on noisecash :)

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I want to leave you a "heart" because I really appreciate this well-researched, well-written introduction of yours to the Noise Cash platform, but everytime I click on the heart icon, it tells me in the bottom left of my Brave Browser window that there is an error and something to do with payout and a hard fork? I started on LeoFinance last night so I'm an uber-noob here. I just wanted to let you know I really appreciated and enjoyed reading your words and I wanted to show you that support too so you could get some payment for it.

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