RE: How to make a killing in the markets long term! 100% works

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Well, I consider myself a crypto investor, but a long term investor is another level, it's like onealfa or taskamaster, who are heavyweights of Hive and their tokens.

I bought HIVE when it is at 0.84 cents and now down 6%, but I am holding because I know the project is solid and can take back its value of $3 or even more, I am stacking for the future.

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Stack great assets and dollar cost average into them. You can’t lose over long-time frames.

People get sucked into FUD and FOMO cycles, that’s when things get dangerous

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Why do you not get HIVE for free?

Anyways, if you are holding long term, no need to care about today's price. Think about how best to turn it into more HIVE 😁

Great comment, thank you