What 10 $LEO a day looks like in Venezuela (I invite you to do this)

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A few days ago I found in my feed a really impressive publication from @blind-spot, where he shared what he could do in a day with some $LEO in his country Ukraine, and I saw that it is a very realistic vision of how to apply the cryptomonies to the fiat economy of any country, when I read this it seemed a great idea because even in Venezuela with 10 $LLEO you can buy something that can help you in your day to day. I know that the economy of my country is not stable at all, we suffer from a constant hyperinflation and the inputs are valued in dollars and the minimum wage is around $2 per month, but unlike the local economy, LEO's economy is much more stable and gives me a point in my favor, but what does not help me at all are the high commissions they charge me to change the cryptomonies for money in BOLIVARS. Yesterday, I needed to buy some things in my home so I saw the opportunity to show what you can buy in my country with 10 $LEO.

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As I said, because of the high comic books I had to change 13,400 $LEO to have exactly 10 LEOs left. When I made the retido, each LEO was worth $0.48 (0.48 X 13.4 = $6.4) but subtracting the commissions I got $5.1 and yesterday's rate at 9AM was Bs 1,605,607 per dollar and when I changed the $5.1 I got Bs 8,188,595 (5.1 X 1,605,607 = Bs 8,188,595) and although it seems a lot it's not really.

Unlike @blind-spot, I don't use public transportation since I'm relatively close to the center of my city, so I saved that money. The first thing on my list was 1/2 kilo of Spaguetti, 1 kilo of rice and 1 kilo of corn flour, and all this gave me a total of Bs 2,950.00 so I have Bs 5,238,595 left.

Diseño sin título.jpg

Then I walked to another store and saw that they had a good offer of cottage cheese and I bought half a kilo and paid Bs 1,167,000 and also bought a bar of body soap that cost me Bs 395,000 and in total for the soap and cheese I paid Bs 1,562,000 and then I stayed Bs 3,676,595.

Afterwards I went to a fruit and vegetable market to buy some old clothes, although in my country it is better to buy these items on Sundays, I prefer to buy them on Mondays or Tuesdays because I don't like to expose myself to the crowds due to the pandemic. What I was able to buy was: 1 paprika, 2 eggplants, 1 kilo of cabbage, 1 zucchini, some green onion which gave a total of Bs 870,000 and I also bought 600gr of chicken milanesa which cost Bs 2,100,000 and the total was Bs 2,970,000 and I still stay to continue buying Bs 706,595.

Since in my country all the basic supplies are over a million Bs, I don't have enough left to buy 1 toothpaste or 1 liter of edible oil that I needed to buy. So I decided to buy two pieces of cake at the bakery which each had a reserve of Bs 350,000 and for the two of them it was a total of Bs 700,000.

Diseño sin título 1.jpg

And although these purchases I made will not last me 1 week next since we are 2 people, at least I was able to buy something that can last us 3 days. Also, even though the Venezuelan economy is ruined and now all the stores are setting their prices in dollars I think that with $10 LEO you can still survive here, maybe you can't afford to do many things since you have to decide to buy really necessary things, if you generate $50 LEO in a week you can live a little bit peacefully since you can cover your basic needs but without going out to have fun or buy additional things like clothes or appliances.

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Some time ago I made an initiative about you being able to buy with $1 in your country and it was quite supported, from Mexico, Nigeria, UAE, USA, and Europe. This idea of sharing what you can do with $10 LEO in your country is not mine, I would love to know what you can do with the profits you generate in leo finance, to see what you do and how you perform in the fiat economy. I hope to see your participation, thank you very much for reading.

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