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Saturday, 28th of January 2023 [5]

I look at my wallet and I look at my goals and calculations in my 2023 goals article and I ask myself if I wasn't a bit *delusional while setting those goals?

Total 5565 HP and Dolphins badge

5235 HP in 2023 means 436.25 HP per month and as I write this, 3 days till the end of the month I collected a total of 190 HP so far. That's not even half of my monthly goal. Of course, I wasn't counting on achieving this monthly figure from month one of 2023, but in truth, I was hoping I will land closer to 2/3rds of it, rather than less than half.

Of course, the increasing price of Hive has a lot to do with it. Hive was $0.26 at the time I was writing my goals article, while today I was buying Hive @ $0.40. I paid 3.55HBD for 8.853 Hive, which would give me 13.65 Hive at the price of Hive I initially calculated. No wonder my month end figures are way off what I was hoping to achieve.

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Does it mean I shall give up on my goals?

Well, not so fast! I will continue with my goals for the next few months and see how far I get. If necessary, I will adjust the goals later in the year.

As someone smart once said:

Shoot for the moon and if you don't get there, at least you end up between the stars

I'm pretty sure I butchered the quote, but you get the idea. The idea is to aim high.

365 days HBD savings

One thing I can say for sure, is that my 365 days HBD savings are currently the ones suffering the most. I spent every little HBD I earn for my posts on buying Hive and later Leo tokens. My HP and LP accumulation are set as my priority goals, so these are the goals I am concentrating on first.

Meanwhile, my HBD savings are stuck at day 17. I'm not giving up on this either and I will be adding more as I go along, but for now I move it more to the bottom of my goals.

365 days GBP savings

My 365 days goal in my local currency - GBP is however well on track, although I'm away from home at the moment and I can't share the most up to date picture of my piggy bank with you, but I have one that I was planning to use for last week's #saturdaysaversclub post, which never happened ;)


I have plenty of coins laying around the house and I decided to organise them all and start keeping track of those. At the end of the year I will have a nice stash of £667.95 which will come handy for my bucket list travels.

Here £2.31* (week 3 amount) nicely stuck in my home made piggy bank. Blue note indicates that £2 are in another location (bags on the first picture). Cause I'm anal like that 😉


2023 LP and Newborn Cub status

I am happy to report that #myleogoals are well on track. I committed to staking 166.66 Leo on each #lpud of 2023 and I staked 168 Leos on the 15th of January. I wrote about it here and as a result I was a lucky winner of 10 000 Leo Power, which sure helps with stacking those curation rewards in #leo.

My strategy for achieving this goal was to earn whatever I can during the month and buy the remaining amount from the market. I knew that earning the whole amount from the get go was not feasible and I planned accordingly. I hope as the year progresses and my LP grows it will be easier to earn this amount from my daily interactions, at which point I will be able to concentrate more on growing HP.

Goals summary including L2 tokens

Lastly, let's jump to the overall table:

TOKEN NAME2023 GOALCurrent STAKETO GOIncrease since last reported
Hive Power5565507.55058177.5 + 14.5 Hive
Leo Power2023168.01855168.0 + 24.0 Leo

First 4 lines I discussed already. My #alive stash is growing nicely, as I'm active in #alivetribe community activities, including weekly staking and burning contests.

I purchased a few more #edsmm tokens while they're available and I won 1 #eds for something ;) I haven't purchased any other tokens, even though I am very, very tempted to do so, whenever I have a few liquid Hives.

Setting some very ambitious goals for myself and doing my best to follow up feels very... tight I guess. I wanna buy tokens, #nfts, play new games, but instead I just keep buying Hive and powering up 1 every day. My future self will thank me for this #consistency, I'm sure 😍

Until next time 💙


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