Ask Leo: How do you cope with stress in crypto?

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I know this is the second week of the new month of August. Apparently many have started drawing inference due to how the month has been to them however it's important to be optimistic and believe God for more positive things.

One of the things that limit investors and some traders in cryptocurrency world today is the inability to cope with the stress accompanied in the business.

It's very significant to identify the source of the stress and how it can be managed.
Stress generally is natural and part of the build of human beings but there's an inherit capacity when discovered could help to cushion the effect of stress.

I will briefly share some few tips I have found relevant in coping with stress especially in such a time like this where most countries economic status is declining and deteriorating.


Stress could lead to mental, emotional etc disturbance. As a crypto trader, identify the areas that brings stress this will help in providing adequate remedy to it.
Could be fear of when to invest and take profit? The stress of market instability? Stress of losing? Ensure you identify it.


Don't down play the issue of good nutrition as a crypto investor. Most at times the kind of diet we eat influence our decision making. Poor and timid decision could be due to malnutrition. Eat balanced diet so that the body system can be refreshed to enable you think bigger and broader. Please give attention to this , it will help to cushion the effect of any stress. Hunger could cause stress.


It's not just about business all through. Make out time to chill out. Relax and stop too much unnecessary thought. The more you are cumbered with many things they more you get stock which will affect your productivity hence have enough time to rest. Have also a planned schedule for your transactions so that there would be priority of things.

Conclusively, try and manage your stress whether in bullish or bearish trend.

thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.

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