As I unstake some of my SPS, its price goes up. But I'm happy

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Managing through

My account name on the Splinterlands crypto card game is the same as I post with, @felipejoys. I used to own 8k staked SPS, which is now down to 6.9k and I'm still powering down. The reason I've started powering down is because I thought SPS would drop all the way to 0.2 usd for a single token. But it didn't, I'm happy it didn't, and yet, I'm still powering down.

It's so cool seeing SPS starting to go up as we approach March, which is the deadline for a new card expansion. Everything might happen just as I predicted. Since we were so close to seeing SPS drop to $0.02, which I had heard to be the price of the private sale, it makes sense that it finally starts going up since it has multiple uses.

I'm skeptical of DEC Batteries, since that proposal doesn't seem to come from the development team (correct me if I'm wrong). Whales influencing the game can never take a good turn in the long run. Even then, watching SPS persevere through this is a relief.

Despite all of those positive thoughts on the subject, I'm still powering down. Not entirely, because I want to own enough staked SPS to participate in Bronze tournaments. That's where I want to be right now - I'm giving up on Gold League so I can play tournaments. I believe I'll get quicker and more stable returns from winning tourneys isntead of playing for chests.

Playing for chests is fine. Soulbound cards can still be burned... Right? I'm aiming for a large and strong enough collection of all splinters so that I can participate and constantly win in Modern Silver League tournaments by the end of the year. I'll need Soulbound cards to do this.

Most of the value from selling my SPS will be invested in different modern cards from those I already own. Probably 1 BCX Legendary Summoners. I'll hold gold league level cards I currently own after their prices spike, which should be in around 4 months, I guess? Looking forward to it.

ps: I'm taking a ~50% loss by selling

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so you will sell all sps and buy modern cards? are you thinking to buy also reward cards?

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I will buy some modern cards, yes. maybe kinjos from rewards


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