Coping with getting kicked out of my guild

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No longer a guild member

Today, I got a horrible notification when logged in Splinterlands: I was kicked out of Guardians of Glory. No need to ask why I got kicked out. My brawl results were terrible during my last two participations. The real problem came of the increasingly difficult opponents I faced as my guild leveled up.

As you all know, a higher level arena awards more merits and allows for the construction of a guild store building, which further booster merits gained. However, higher league frays prop up asking for Gold and Diamond level cards. Even if we don't use them, odds are our opponents will.

From this experience, I've learned that if we're looking to join a high-level guild, know we'll get expelled if we disappoint in brawls. Don't join guilds with arena level higher than 3 if your collection isn't complete. You might want to join the lowest level frays which only ask for Bronze or Novice cards, but the guild you're joining probably already has their favorite players for those frays.

Renting for gold+ guild frays is expensive. Although it boosts our matches in ranked as well, I don't think it's worth it if we still don't win enough brawls. The cap for me stood at arena level 4, in which I was already having a hard time. I'm looking for a new guild to join that has arena level 3 at the highest so I can offer good results and therefore farm those merits efficiently according to my current collection.

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Currently, I am in a new guild that is recruiting people, of course the guild is missing some good players, I hope we find some soon, too bad they will take you out of the guild, I think some are very demanding, if you do not have good cards you can not win battles, at least I have bad cards but I have not been expelled hahahahaha, I hope you find a new guild or it would also be good to have you in our guild academialibertad guild !PIZZA


I want to keep buying gladius cards, so I'd like to be in a guild that takes winning at least somewhat seriously so it can upgrade its arena and barracks eventually. I'll check you guys out.


At the moment those of us who are playing are committed to make a donation in DEC to improve the buildings every week, I also have the idea of playing in a committed way , I already have some gladius cards, and I want to use them in arena. !PIZZA


In our guild we are focused on the assistance to the Brawl, no matter if they win or lose, if they are bad or good, and little by little they are catching the rhythm, the idea is to support each other and improve the buildings, here you have our discord server, you can join and interact with us, it would be a pleasure to have you there.

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Just make your own guild buddy if its not hard.
I honestly dont know how their systen works xD


It takes time, money and actually managing players so the guild does well in brawls. I've already tried it before (sold the guild I used to own), but it's not my thing.


Yay! 🤗
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Come with us 💪, I think that you could play in Champs. I can put you in contact with their general @dexy50.


I play at gold league so I don't think I'd be accepted, but thank you.