Exploring Possibilus the Wise in Alpha/Beta, Untamed, Gladius, Dice and old Rewards

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Intro to wisdom

In my last post, I've covered how Possibilus the Wise could be used in the Splinterlands crypto game while you're playing the Modern format. For this post, I'm going to cover Gladius, Dice and old Reward cards, but I'll start by mentioning cards that weren't worth entering that list from the Untamed edition.

Untamed obvious cards

War Chaang and Elven Defender are cards you'd only ever consider using with Possibilus the Wise if you were already playing Melee-oriented rule sets. This scenario is just too niche to consider picking up a Legendary Summoner, so I didn't count them in as useful while I wrote A precise look at Possibilus the Wise: IS IT EVER GOOD?.

Tortisian Fighter is a great Little League Monster that already sees play in a lot of matches if you're using Water Splinter, so mentioning it's good with Possibilus the Wise is just obnoxious.

The only good Gladius card

Tatiana Blade is a really good card, but it's certainly a glass cannon. You'd only want to use her in Super Sneak or other similar rules due to her fragility. When you're using Possibilus, however, she starts looking great in literally any battle ever.

Frost Lion's nest expands

Although it stays niche, Frost Lion can see a little bit more play outside of Equalizer matches when used with Possibilus the Wise. 2 Mana for a 2 armor 5 health with defensive abilities works like a charm against splash damage from the Blast ability. You'd only want to use it in lower Mana battles.

What you're really here for: Alpha/Beta editions

Let me start by saying that Hydra isn't a good choice with Possibilus unless it's one of those niche scenarios. She has too many abilities that only trigger when she's attacked directly, so using her in Position 2 is a waste. The same can be said about Raging Impaler.

Frost Giant is an absurdly good card in Heavy Hitters rule, but it doesn't perform well in any other situation - until Possibilus joined the frays. This massive ice Monster has Trample, Slow, Stun and massive attack damage, making it a great addition to Position 2 in your team.

Naga Warrior. Although you could tell me it's unfair putting her on this list because it has abilities that only really work when she's directly attacked, she's a 5 Mana for 5 Melee damage attacking from a somewhat safe location. That's more than powerful enough, so it joins the list.

Hobgoblin deals 4 damage against Shield Monsters every round, 6 damage when hitting something else. His attacks weight a ton, so it's a good addition to your team when you're using a Melee-oriented strategy.

Those are all the cards I think are a lot more useful than before, thanks to Possibilus the Wise. Let me hear your thoughts!

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