Gargoya Lion suits Water Splinter very well

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Flying, Void, Armor?

The only use I've found so far for the non-mighty Gargoya Lion common reward card from the Splinterlands crypto game so far... A tank for my water splinter in Heavy Hitters matches, combined with Venari Wavesmith. He works really well with a little armor.

Gargoya Lion is kind of a mediocre card. It costs a lot of mana to use, but offers little to no power. Although it has the Void ability, physical damage vulnerability renders picking Gargoya Lion completely useless. Flying isn't enough of an ability to help sustain it against any decent tank, so it won't last a single round when suffering focus fire.

However, if we compensate Gargoya Lion's physical vulnerability with another Monster, then we might actually pick him in some niche situations. Venari Wavesmith is a strong, reliable magic damage support Monster that goes really well with Gargoya Lion. The pair have it so everyone is protected from Opportunity attacks while also enabling Lion as a useful tank.

This combo becomes even stronger in Heavy Hitter matches that also get Rise of the Commons or Armored Up rules, as Gargoya Lion proves how any Splinterlands Monster can indeed help you earn more within this well-developed autobattler.

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Thanks for sharing! - @marianaemilia

good work!


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Thank you, felipejoys, I'll try that out :)