Gold 2 is just the perfect spot for my budget - Not lower or higher

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My strategy is paying off

It's important not to overspend in Splinterlands when we want to profit, but calculating how far you can get in using certain cards can't really be done except by experiencing it yourself. Even then, it just might be that you suck at the game, but you can't really tell because you're not experienced enough. If you think that could be your case, ask around in Discord. Somebody's bound to help you!

With my current Monster collection, I can get as far as Gold 1 rating by the end of season - upwards of 2700 MMR. Yet, I don't keep enough power to advance, sticking to Gold 2 instead. There are two reasons for which I keep the doors closed.

Reason number one: I can only get to Gold 1 a lot later in the season. Even if I play every day, since I don't own super strong Epic and Legendary monsters except for maybe a couple of those for Earth and Water Splinter, I can't compete with people using top tier Monsters quickly advancing through the ranks. I prefer renting my remaining Collection Power instead.

Reason number two: I can't get past Silver 2's 1300 MMR early in the season. Although I get quite a few wins every day, a lot of cruel teams show up on the opposing side, halting me in my attempts to rank up to gold. Having only two viable Splinterlands doesn't help, either. However, pushing investment into picking up an entire new splinter isn't worth the extra profit.

While I do still invest and reinvest into the game, since I've reached a punctual mark where I'm getting a very much acceptable % back from my investment over time, I'm happy with the state of my collection.

How do you feel about yours? Are you getting enough of your investment back over time? I haven't done the math properly, but I think I'm getting around 100% from cards I'm not going to sell later on.

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Seems you play wild not modern. Why?


Easier and more fun. My post about this:

Why low-budget players should try the Wild League

3 mo

Easier. Hm... I'm not sure about that. There are far more cards playable in Wild.
Other thing is, that CL cards are relatively cheap and maybe this is a good time to lvl up CL deck. Chaos Legion will be finished in 3 months or so and prices will slowly go up, probably. Dont you think?


Thanks for sharing! - @marianaemilia

Nice work!