Huge upgrade for my low budget Gold League strategy!

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A Beta edition addition

My purchasing strategy in the Splinterlands Crypto Game so far has been successful: buy monsters, rent summoners. Renting Collection Power for Gold League isn't feasible if you don't already own strong Monsters. You'll need luck to even out rental costs. So I slowly purchase monsters instead, while renting a couple of summoners for 10 to 20 daily dec.

This was the case only until recently. I've acquired a level 4 epic summoner! No, I don't mean one of the newest epic summoners from Riftwatchers: I've added Xander Foxwood to my collection. It cost me $60, which I think was quite the bargain, considering it's a beta summoner that's very scarse at the moment.

Sure, I could've bought one of the newer Earth summoners instead, but I found out they were all more expensive than Xander Foxwood at the time of my purchase, each alternative costing more than $70. My intention in playing Wild League indefinitely further increased my interest in Xander Foxwood.

The fact that it was a level 4 epic for sale was icing on the cake: this card wasn't a single BCX higher or lower than I wanted according to my Gold League budget. Now, I just have to keep an eye out for a Xia Seachan or Bortus with considerably lower prices like this Xander turned out to be.

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Are you specifically looking for these Beta summoners from later on in the edition versus the ones that were also in alpha? I really find these summoner have less strong abilities than the earlier one.

For instance Alric Stormbringer +1 magic, versus Bortus -1 magic... I know what I would choose

Curious for your strategy!

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Level 5 Alric = $150, Level 4 Xia = $75
Also, Water Splinter Monsters I own aren't magic related except for Djinn Oshannus. shrug


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Interesting, why you did not choose Alric with +1 Magic boost?

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Alric is $150

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Damn, that much? It is...a lot. but even a level 1 Alric is quite good all the way in Silver. With 1 Oshanus and 1 Rules of the seas rented, that is a powerful combo.


I play in silver/gold. I get to gold in the first half of the season. I don't want to play level 1 Alric because it takes too long to get to gold. I already own several gold-level earth monsters, too. Using an alric-oriented team is a lot more expensive if I want to get to gold league this quickly.

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yeah. my strategy is to use two teams, yodin zaku on fire and alric on water. all the rest i rented. but i do have a posibilus now, for melee.



Short and informative! Well written. Be blessed and achieve higher and higher ranking in this season. I wish you get a GF from this season reward chest. :)


Thank you! All the best to you as well.


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