Prepared for the Reward by Card Level update

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A very important Splinterlands update is on the horizon. We'll earn less rewards for every card level below that league's maximum level. I want to keep earning full rewards as soon as I reach Gold League, so I've upgraded most of my Earth Splinter cards to the appropriate BCX.

I hereby present you all cards I use pretty much every match that has Earth Splinter available:

Pelacor Mercenary is so much better than old Flesh Golem at level 6. It's an updated version of that good old tank. He becomes the bread and butter of my frontline in every situation, combined with Goblin Psychic. It's just like Flesh Golem with Wood Nymph, but upgraded to fit the higher Mana standard we have in matches nowadays.

Goblin Psychic level 8 was pretty expensive. I'm hoping next year's expansion doesn't have a great tank healer in the Earth Splinter so that his price goes up exponentially. I think I've paid around $40 for it. Totally worth it, although I wish the upgrade he gets from level 7 to level 8 were a something else instead of just 1 extra health point.

Venari Knifer for 6 mana. Complements Pelacor Mercenary very nicely, since the latter costs 7 mana. It's what I use in physical damage oriented battles and Odd Ones Out. Pelacor Mercenary fits the bill for Even Stevens.

Ranged damage is very important. Dishing out magic or melee damage only highly limits what we can do in niche matches, but there are a ton of those because of a huge variety of rules combinations. Gladly, I own Venari Seedsmith and Vampiric Blossom from Reward cards, which deal 3 damage for 5 mana at level 6. Along with other seemingly random abilities, they actually enable quite a few different strategies.

Mycelic Morphoid is a great card to use as the last position in my beat because many cards kill themselves while trying to kill it, specially when I'm a Wild League player mostly using Lyanna Natura, boosting it from 2 health to 3, which is enough to survive an extra attack in most cases.

Venari Scout is a great Opportunity Monster. I always pick it when I'm playing a fog of war match.

Djinn Biljka level 2 ensures magic damage without retaliation when I think that's what my team lacks, but because he gets Weaken at level 3, I choose him in poison matches. A lot of cards my opponent thinks would survive an extra round suddenly dies a turn earlier, breaking his strategy completely.

Along with my Neutrals, I use these Earth Splinter cards to great success in most of my ranked battles. A very competent selection, mind you, but also one that fits within a low budget.

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