Purchasing Dragon and Water reinforcements for my collection

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Upgrade time!

As cited on my previous Splinterlands post, the next Splinter I'm going to purchase from is the Dragon Splinter. I now own Djinn Chwala, Dhampir Infiltrator, Twilight Basilisk and Naga Assassin at Silver League level. Today, I was going to buy Chaos Dragon, but I couldn't get it to level 2 since it was pretty expensive, so I settled for buying more Water monsters instead.

The real reason I couldn't buy Chaos Dragon, though, is because I've just advanced my Runemancer Florre to level 2. My odds at winning matches with high mana cap have greatly increased since I've started using her at level 1, so I decided an upgrade was in order.

Water Soldiers

Even though I already had Pelacor Bandit (max), Tide Bited (lv5) and Djinn Oshannus (max), winning using Water Splinter is a struggle. My options were just way too limited, even though I already own Diemonshark. It turns out Flying Squid is a lot more useful than it seems at first, so I decided to grab it while seizing a powerful Deeplurker for myself.

Buying a maxed Merdhampir was cheap enough. Why not upgrade Tide Biter to level 6 before its price skyrockets? I've just done that, too. I feel like I can actually count on winning when using Water Splinter during ranked matches now.

Just to put it out there, my neutrals

If anyone's curious, I also own maxed Xenith Monk and Venari Spellsmith from Chaos Legion, along with currently distributed Reward cards. I'm yet to max my Kinjo, though.

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