Splinterlands adjusts rewards based on card level

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Proposal status: passed

An exciting change is on the horizon! The upcoming update in the Splinterlands crypto game reduces rewards through battles if your cards aren't maximized for the league you're playing. It's fantastic.

The number one reason we have to smile while thinking about this is increased scarcity. We want to level up cards so we can earn more, which greatly consumes available BCX. Fewer cards available means higher prices. Whatever we already own or level up now has already gained greater intrinsic value.

Reason number two for smiling is how we'll earn a lot more from every match, because bots with level 1 cards aren't going to take as much as they used to. In fact, they probably won't earn 20% as much as they did in Gold League. Their gains in Silver league diminish to less than 50%. If you're a human instead of a bot, it's party time!

The final reason you should be happy about this update is the rental marketplace. Leveled up cards lost rental value instead of gaining - a 115 Xenith Monks of only 1 BCX can be rented out for double as much as a level 8 Xenith Monk up until now. However, when levels matter, players want to rent cards according to the league they're playing.

So, there you have it. This is even better for the economy than the Collection Power update was. Thank you, Splinterlands development team.

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I disagree. Bots will adapt much faster than players, like . New players and even player who can't invest much and have been investing smart, are going to be frustrated. This will greatly affect the game's ability to grow, attract and keep players.

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Seems unlikely. Bots can't do anything about it. How do you think bots would 'adapt'?


Bots have adapted to every single change in the game. What makes you think this one is different?


Have you read that proposal?

If they don't level up their cards, they're not going to earn anywhere near as much.


Of course I read it. I voted against and even wrote a post why everyone should vote against. It didn't matter.

4 mo (edited)

If they don't level up their cards, they're not going to earn anywhere near as much.

Which leads to everything I've written on this post...


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