What am I going to do now that SPS price is dropping? Hold

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Chipping in

During the Riftwatchers miniset launch in the Splinterlands crypto game, we could see a spike in SPS's price leading it above 0.080 USD per token. Damn, I should have sold back then! But I didn't, so I need to make a new plan for the current situation. Should I sell my SPS now that it's as low as 0.039 USD? Well... No. I'll hold.

You could say I'm stupid for holding my SPS, since it's not even that many tokens. I own 8042 staked SPS, which was valued above 450 USD, but it's now down to 316 USD. It doesn't look good. Still, I'm not selling. I'm actually buying some extra tokens.

There's just too much synergy between SPS and the rest of the game to ignore this opportunity. No way these tokens wouldn't have a bright future, unless the game died. I'm betting all my savings on the fact that it won't die. I think it's a really fun game that has already met a part of its potential. It's not just a promising crypto game, it's a competitive, fun and strategical autobattler.

I'm not the only one who has complete faith in the game. See that % APR number? The less SPS staked, the higher APR stakers get. In the past few weeks, that number hasn't gone down. It was sitting around 27.5%, but it's now down to 26.93%. This means there's more SPS staked today than there was a couple of weeks ago, despite a sudden drop in fiat invested into the crypto market.

Holders understand how SPS becomes increasingly more valuable over time no matter what, because of how it's designed around ensured burn and scarcity. It's nothing like the tragedy SLP was from Axie Infinity or some other pyramid scheme. Players won't buy boosters or rent cards if they don't buy SPS from us.

The best part is the lack of disadvantage in this system. Whoever doesn't hold SPS now won't pay extra for boosters in the future! Holders get an economical edge, but should also feel responsible for making the game thrive by boosting communities. So, I hold, and I suggest you keep playing the game like I do so myself.

images sources: https://coinmarketcap.com/pt-br/currencies/splintershards/ and https://splinterlands.com/

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. I own 8042 staked SPS, which was valued above 450 USD, but it's now down to 316 USD

Me and you 🤝

We also vote on fundamental and economic changes through our staked sps, so the feeling of ownership is really high, I might be able to double my stake soon if the prices keep going like this

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I don't think I'll own enough SPS to make a difference through voting, but the future of SPS/DEC alone convinces me.


Yay! 🤗
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