Why it's not worth for me to start a third strong splinter

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As someone who only plays ranked in the Splinterlands crypto game, not tournaments, it's hard to justify going beyond two splinters in my collection on a lower budget.

My Earth Splinter, which is my main Splinter, can finish in Gold 1 League by the end of each season, while my Water Splinter sometimes wins a match at whatever level I'm at that where only my Earth Splinter stands a fair chance. Getting my Water Splinter up to my Earth Splinter's level isn't worth it - I'd spend too much for foreseeable returns.

What about starting a new Splinter? That's even worse. Of course, I'd have to spend a considerable amount just to get a new Splinter up to my secondary Splinter's level. I can still use either of my main splinters frequently enough both in Silver and Gold league.

The only way a larger investment for this budget would be justified is if I could get all five splinters - which would stabilize my MMR at the maximum possible level for the value of each Splinter I own.

That would also turn me into a tournament player, as it would be a waste to own a balanced set of Splinters without participating in them. While that would be great, it's not an investment I'm ready to commit. We shouldn't gamble what we can't afford to lose, so let's keep our minds steady as we advance towards our goals.

Note: I own more cards I actively use in battle besides those shown in this post's image.

image source: https://splinterlands.com/

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