Prepare for the bull market right from the bear market

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In orderly make greater profit and to becomes millionaire in crypto as an investor the bear market is a good start to invest in crypto. During the bear market the price most coin are down and the price has reduced greatly one can actually invest during this period. Then when the bull market come one will be able to take profit which will worth something. Buy cheap make great profit at the end which during the bull market. 91AE0DDEF077427A8982BB04A8BE5734.jpeg source

Most of the millionaires we have in the crypto space took up the opportunity of the bear market to invest greatly and during the bull market they take great profit.

But when investing during the bear market one must be very careful because not all coin worth buying and also not all coin will rise during the bull market. So it is good to make a proper research when you want to invest so as not to invest in shit coin at the end of the day.

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