Cryptocurrency Is Needed To Re-Start Human Progress

What would you say if I told you that the largest economy in the world faltered over the last 40 years? Would this come as a surprise to…

This Is Awesome - White Paper - $AWESOME

Made in Desygner This Is Awesome The goal of this project is to grow the Hive ecosystem by rewarding awesome content, and we do that

The shift in power, how Proof of Brain (POB) became King of the Hive Engine tokens

For quite some time Leo has dominated the Hive communities in price and innovation. While no one has rivaled Leo's innovation to date…

Digital Organisms: The New Business Structure

In 20 years, it is easy to foresee how most of our organizations will be DAOs. For the present, they are not quite ready since automation…

8th Leofinance 🐯 Curation Digest !

@HODLCommunity presents to you the 8th LeoFinance Curation Post We feel very excited as we think we will address one of the most imp

It's Time To Practice What I Preach

My partner and I have been bringing our businesses to the blockchain for years now. We're both huge fans of this technology and

Blockchain: Storing Society's Most Valuable Data

A blockchain is nothing more than a ledger. This is no different than any other ledger used throughout history. The major difference is…

Living in Shrödinger's cat box

It is nice to see a little green in the garden, as well as the markets. I would have loved to have had a bit more stable to move in than I…

HODL’rs Are The Founding Fathers And Mothers Of Bitcoin

Hey Jessatoshis I've been a HODL'r for many years, I haven't sold Bitcoin in years, I don't plan on selling it, and even if I did, it's…

Cryptoc-Economics: The Solution To Technological Socialism

We are going to embark upon a topic that few really discuss in a direct manner. Thus, we will grasp understand how Crypto-Economics could…

Cryptocurrency: More Than Just About The Control Of Money

Cash is dead. Make no mistake about this. CBDCs will kill cash, increasing the powers of government exponentially. By adoption a truly…

Cryptocurrency: The Best Is Ahead Of Us

Consider this: change in a new phenomena for us. Let that sink in for a moment. It is only recently that humanity, or individuals, had…

66'000 Hive Power to support the CTP community

The CTPSB project is a community project based around the @ctpsb hive account. The hive power on this account belongs to the hold

Cryptocurrency: The Great Rejection

By now, most have heard about The Great Reset. This is an idea put forth by the World Economic Forum, an organization headed by Klaus…

What To Make Of DOGE

What can we make of DOGE? Anyone who is around the crypto world by now has heard about what is taking place with this cryptocurrency.…

Inflation Explained Briefly

In the United States, the government education system does a poor job of teaching math, logic, and economics. For example, with help from…

The Danger From The Likes Of Facebook

We are all aware of the situation with the social media companies. Over the last couple years, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter all showed…

Singling-out multiple income streams

Multiple revenue streams and passive income is what they say is necessary to build wealth and have a change to sustain and maintain it…

Cryptocurrency Is Not An Asset Class

Many years ago, Marc Andreeson penned an article in the Wall Street Journal titles, Why Software Is Eating The World . In it, he…

Balancing the accountability

I was reading an article the other day where a full third of Australians believe they will always be in debt, which is probably a good…