Cub Finance: A Funny Approach to the New DeFi Project

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Are you a current member of Leofinance?

If the answer is yes then you must already have seen hundreds of posts about Cub Finance. Well, it's about time you see another one as well!
But what makes this one different from the other?

If you aren't a member of Leofinance and Cubfinance then what are you waiting for, you are losing money? Read below how i make 6 figures daily! or not! Maybe 1-2 figures at top but hey that depends on how and what you invest ;)

Cub Finance is a new DeFi project that is under a month years old. The team behind it, is the same team behind LeoFinance but let's suppose you don't know any of these and you are wondering the following:

"Well another DeFi project, there are more DeFi projects than mosquitoes these days"

Although each day new DeFi's projects are popping everywhere this one is different i tell you. I am here for you today as your special #not financial advisor that will make you and i repeat MAKE you Join Cub Finance.

"What's the difference between this and other shitty DeFi Projects?"

To begin with, there is a team full of hardworking people that never sleep (literally), and have a crypto project called Leo Finance which is a second layer Dapp for 2 years now!

Thus, they aren't everyday scammers that will grab your money and go, they had built things and keep on building from zero to hero! Thus, (2) you can feel safe similar to how you feel at home! Trust me i am not a financial advisor!

"Yeah but that was only one difference, i want more man"

First of all, i am not a man, i am a beautiful man and i want to be called as such. Secondly, if you take a look at it's quite easy to navigate, as you can see below and it's also quite easy to find guidebooks.

This is something that's coming from the president of newbies, me along with over 50 others that delved into the DeFi world for the first time without any prior knowledge and we became masters of it, or that's what we think.

"I Want more, sell it to me more"

Ok boomers i will. An audit from CertiK is coming soon with only good words and if you don't believe me i will have the links and therefore proofs to read more below. That gives this DeFi project a more of a "solid name"

CUB Listed on CoinMarketCap, $600k in Daily Volume, LeoBridge Update and Code Audits

UI Refresh, LeoBridge, Kingdoms Release and Major Farms/Dens Update

I am not done yet. The guys don't seem to need a lot of sleep, maybe they are vampires or something they are about to launch something new called LeoBridge. What it can do? Read above or check below because i even have images for you!

As a reminder, the bridge UI swaps ERC20s into BEP20s (and vice versa) by routing orders through smart contracts that are connected to LeoFinance's unique tri-token economy - LEO, bLEO and wLEO.


Ahhh and before i forget it. You don't have to pay extremely high fees like in most of the other DeFi's. you only have to pay a few cents for your transactions so bear that in mind and in your wallet as well! Trust me i am poor, thus i know how to spend money!

"That's awesome i may try it out, but what this Leo Finance that i keep on hearing is?"

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Leo Finance my dear friends is the main project and token of the team. As i said it's a second-layer social media Dapp that was built on Hive ecosystem.

In there you can buy the native token which is LEO and with leo you can do a lot of things like, curating, delegating, swapping through cub finance and ofc earning by doing all of these.

Not only that, but you can create posts/articles that are related to finance content and wait for it..... wait a little bit more.... you can get PAID by doing that. Without investing a single dollar. For example that what is going to happen after I publish this post that you are reading.


Damn did i manage to convince you? How great am i? If you wanna start will Leo Finance simply create an account and if you want to learn more about Cub Finance Google it goddamnit or check coinmarketcap! or click below!

This idea of creating this post came from a contest from @crystalhuman which you find here

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