Did you buy some LBI Tokens?

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I think you are all familiar by now with the existence of the LBI token. It's a LEO backed token that will also give out dividends based ofc on the number of tokens you hold.

Behind the wheels of this project is @silverstackeruk the one and the same person behind SPI tokens which is already quite susseceful if you ask me.

People believe so much in this project and ofc the team that in about a month or so they issued more than 200k LBI tokens. That translates to value and worth like this


Check what they said in their post regarding their guess when they first issued the tokens

I mean maybe 250k was our top-end guess on launch but that would have been after 1 year, not 6 weeks

As you can see nobody expected that not even them so what you can take from it is the trust the people have put in that project. You can read more and follow their official account @lbi-token in case you aren't already.

So now 2 things are worth mentioning, well maybe 3. Because of these numbers that nobody expected the worth of LBI is actually worth more than 1 LEO. So we already have profits

Because of that, the price will slowly start to increase because people can take advantage of that and the whole point isn't that. To add to that they will also start accepting wLEO.

But when will that happen?

Starting February LBI will accept wLEO as a form of payment for LBI tokens and LBI token price increase will happen on the 4th of Feb so save the date.

My LBI wallet looks like this


So if you want to buy LBI at a "discounted" price now it's time to do so, you have around half a month since the increase in price. You have been informed now it's time to make your choice!

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