LeoFinance Witness Climbs up to 32 Place! How to move forward?

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Even though the market seems like a mess i am really happy with the prices. Don't let the red mislead you and keep your eyes open. To begin with, a couple of weeks ago btc was at 20k and now we are over 30k

So don't be greedy and chill, the prices are still quite high if you ask me. Also, this is a good opportunity to buy if once again you want my opinion.

But that's partly the reason i am happy. I am also happy because Leofinance Witness managed to be placed 32 among the witnesses. Ofc in my mind they deserve to be better but we gonna achieve greatness together.


I think apart from all the updates and new things that LeoFinance is constantly doing some users played a role in order to manage this. Ofc 99% of the success is based on the team itself but that remaining 1% may be due to some efforts by us the community.

For instance, the biggest help, in my opinion, was @behiver and his posts. I think given the number of relevant witnesses' posts as well as the readers he has played a huge role in achieving it.

There are other users who did similar posts as well, for instance, i created one a couple of days ago and i also recall similar recent posts by @erikah.

The Next Step

Users of Leofinance

There are 2 things to do in order to raise more awareness, in my opinion of course. The first one is to target the LeoFinance audience and make them realize how important this is for them and for the future of LEO/HIVE

I now know thanks to @erikah again, that there are a bunch of users here that haven't actually voted for Leo as a witness although they keep using the tag and sound quite enthusiastic about the token.

I don't know whether that is on purpose, they just don't know how or they don't care at all. I think all of those options are on the table. Let's now talk about the second thing.

Users of Other Tribes

I think we all know that Leofinance isn't the only tribe out there and that there are many users who actually don't write under the LeoFinance tag at all. That's not bad at all as they just have different things like and focus.

One thing that we all have in common though, is that we all want Hive and its Tokens to Succeed. For that purpose, i believe we somehow need to come together and vote the right witnesses that will uplift Hive and the tokens to the moon.

Ofc there may be other witnesses that we too are totally unfamiliar with and that they are doing pretty awesome work for their communities and Hive in general. Why not vote for them as well?

Right now i have 4 remaining votes to cast and i think those 4 can be a good use for some of the other tribe's witnesses. So we just need to talk together and find a way. In fact, i may try and communicate with them and just see where that leads us!

What do you think?

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