Noise.Cash: Breaking Down the Earning Potentials

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Many of you already know what Noise.Cash is. Briefly, it's a microblogging platform that rewards users with Bitcoin Cash. Every user gets some random tips according to their algorithm which i don't know how it works.

I had made another post, that's more informative in terms of what Noise.Cash is, how to join, screenshots of it and a list of many LEO/HIVE users that are part of. You can click the link below and check it.

Noise.Cash: Results after a Week and an Honest Opinion

My Wallet

In this post, i will talk more in-depth about the rewards and what you can potentially earn from it, which i think many of you haven't thought that much.

I am in for over a week now and 3 days ago that i made the post in which the link is above i had around 9.39 USD in value or 0.02 BCH.


3 days after the post my wallet looks like that, pretty cool ha?


Before you start getting crazy allow me to explain. The price may be close to double now but my BCH are exactly 0,03. To put it plain the reason behind this increase is the pump in the prices and cryptos in general.


When i joined i think the price of bitcoin cash was around 450$ or something and now it's up 100$.

Breaking Down The Numbers

I saw some posts here on LEO or on the discord and some people are saying that it's not worth the time and such. I get their point of view but i beg to differ.

It's not for everyone i get it, it depends on where you live, how much money you are making by working or investing, or even how much free time you have.

So let's take the average Lion/Hivian in here. Most of you already have some followers in here, you are posting, curating, commenting and you know some guys. That means that If you join you are not a complete "noob" and that there are people who will support you right away.

Note at this point that we all receive random tips that we can use to reward others and you can give whatever percentage you want. On the other hand, the tips you receive are not unlimited per day.

I think i receive from around 15-25 cents per day, sometimes close to 30 or 35 cents, but that's on the "good days" i guess. So per week, a Leo/Hive user will most likely have the following payouts.

5$-10$ per week meaning (if nothing changes) 20$-40$ per month. And all that by spending as little as 15-30 minutes per daily. Let's now do more maths and see what it means in HIVE/LEO terms


So given these numbers, we can earn around 150 to 300 Hive per month or 40 to 80 LEO. And then just imagine if Leo or hive gets to 1$, your money will be doubled at the very least!

Final Thoughts

Noise.Cash is a great opportunity especially for us that we have people that we know and will support us. I don't know if Noise.Cash will keep up, what their future plans are or even how they generate profits so as you can see i am uncertain of their future. For now, it's a good way for many to earn some extra bucks!

So have you ever thought of it? What are your earnings and thoughts?

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