Twitter can ban even the President? Hive & LEO can Save the Day

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I think that by now you are all familiar with what happened between the (ex) President of America and Twitter. Yeah, they just banned him from Twitter because they consider him dangerous on the ways he acts and that we may again see similar pictures with the capitol.

Although, i don't agree with many of the things that Trump is doing/did i think that is too far. He is the freaking President of America and many people support and believe in him.

To cut him off a huge social media platform in which he has a strong presence will only result in the complete opposite of what they wanted to. Also, i think that no matter your political color, you didn't like that "move" from Twitter or to be more specific you won't like it if it's happened to your account.

If they managed and did that to the President of America, you mean absolutely nothing to them and the next time they won't agree with your opinion, they will simply silence you.

In other words, this is a war against freedom of speech. I have seen Twitter and other mainstream social media such as Instagram and Facebook abusing this power a lot these past years.

On the other hand, i hope more and more people to start checking for other platforms that will provide them with freedom of Speech. They need to search and find decentralized places and thankfully the blockchain technology can offer that.

We already have decentralized platforms and are pro Freedom of Speech and Hive/Leo is one of them. Not only that but people can actually earn money for sharing their opinions.

Writing something on Hive or Leo will always remain on the blockchain and nobody can delete your account but you. Sure you may be blacklisted and stuff but still, your account will be there and anybody can check you if they wish to.

We have the power to do anything we want with our accounts and nobody can come the next day and ban us. If someones disagree with us he can freely point it out and that's it. The people will have to decide!

This is the Moment for Hive & Leo to Shine

This is the right moment for Hive and Leo to Shine. We need to become marketers and tell the world as much and as loud as we can about these platforms. We need to bring awareness to everyone out there and show them another way... which they could be free!

To add to that @khaleelkazi made a post a couple of hours ago talking about the new microblogging app that they are launching soon. Just imagine a place that you can do the same as you can do on Twitter but this time, you won't be afraid of getting ban


@khaleelkazi now it's the time to market the new microblogging app as hard as you can! The same applies to the @blocktrades team. Our time to rise as a platform and communities has come.

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