Update on my Mandatory Army Enlistment

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This will be a short post, like breaking news or something letting you know my current status or to better update my current status. So all you gonna learn from this post today has to do with me, so sorry in advance!

For all of you that don't know here in Greece we got a mandatory army. When a boy turns 18 he is eligible for the mandatory army except if he postpones it for studies. You can also act or be crazy and take a special form that basically says that you are crazy and skip the army or you can even move out of Greece.

If you do the last one, you can only come to Greece for a certain amount of days per year and after a certain age limit, you can buy out the service time. Now the army's breakdown is Infantry, Navy and airforce and you choose when you are 18 where you would prefer to go.

Now, i have postponed it for too many years and i reached a certain limit so i'll have to go. To be more precise i will be in the Navy and i was about to join at the start of May. Note that the period that i have to serve is 1 year, without getting paid.. Ah sorry, i am getting paid 8 euro per month :P

Now, due to Covid, some things changed and i received a letter informing me that i will be joining on the 28 of May so i have around a month which is cool because i thought i would be there in less than 2 weeks.

I also know that my crypto journey will fell behind schedule as i don't even know if i will be allowed to use my phone there and even if i do, i don't know how much free time I'll have, especially the first days/months.

As i have mentioned as well, i need to check for some auto services in order to set my upvotes, especially on LEO. On Hive i have around 2k of voting power and i'll be accumulating more up until half of May. After that i will be delegating 1k to ctp community and the other 1k to leo.voter.

Moreover, i hope that during these army days to manage and don't spend too much money around and instead try to keep my money and make more through cryptos but only time will tell i guess.

A certain thing is that i won't be able to be on so many crypto projects like i am now. For example, i write posts, curating a lot, playing crypto games, revolve around nfts and many more! That means that i will definitely lose money :P

By the way, if you have any auto voting services to suggest or anything relevant let me know!

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1 yr

It is nice that you have the option of delegating tokens to reduce the impact of your absence. I hope that it is able to provide a good return still

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my thinking is that from nothing it's better to have something :P

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Damn that’s a bit of a stick up the arse, doesn’t sound too much like democratic freedoms to me! Sounds pretty commie like, even we don’t have mandatory duty my country can suck my ass lol

All the best with your service to your nation


there is some logic behind it and that logic is mainly Turkey which is our enemy since ever :P and each day they do illegal movements on our borders with airplanes and such but the funny thing is that in the mandatory army we aren't learning anything.

You are basically, waste 1 year of your life, cleaning and do a bunch of other chores that the higher-ups tell you to do because they are bored. Imagine that throughout the year we get to use the gun and do some shooting once and if we are lucky maybe twice per year for a couple of minutes only :P

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Freedom isn't free. Think of how police know that everyone at a march or protest has military training, are they going to beat people up?

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that's the funny thing, even though we should gain military training all we do is cleaning and other chores. Not learning how to fight and such. Imagine that throughout the year we only shoot once maybe twice for a couple of minutes.

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