What Cryptocurrency to Buy?

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Greetings to everyone that's reading this super awesome post! I hope you are all ok, healthy and lockdown-free. Here in Greece, we are on lockdown for more than 2 months i think but who's counting!

Binance Deposit Story

Here is a little story of mine before we dive into the real question regarding my whole process of depositing using Binance. So to cut the long story short i had some spare money to invest in crypto.

When i say spare money i am talking about 150 euros. I know this isn't a big amount by any chance but that's the life of the poor young filotasriza3. I had my Binance account already and tried to do a bank transfer to deposit that amount.

The process was easy, although i paid 10 extra euros from my bank because of the Brexit (that sucks). Anyway, the process took 3 days and because i wasn't certain of how long it takes, i tried to reach customer service and ask.

I tried 3 times but out of those 3 the 2 were a total disaster. Not because of the customer service itself but cause of the long queues. I think both times it has over 1000 people waiting and that translates to literally a day worth of waiting.

Thankfully, i was lucky the last day because the line had "only" 200 people which was around 4-5 hours of waiting. Anyway, they told me that the transfer was on the way and literally after a few minutes the amount deposited. i don't know if this was a coincidence or if they did something but the bottom line is that the money are on my account.

Where to Invest?

Now we finally come down to the main question of where to invest that amount. For starters we gonna exclude btc or eth from the list as well as LEO or HIVE.

Even though BTC and ETH are the top coins i don't wanna buy, i just want to find other opportunities out there with real potential. For example, i like eth but i hate the gas fees!

Also, i don't wanna buy more LEO or Hive because my goal is to increase my stake organically and i am doing that since ever! For that reason, i wanna check for something else and ofc i want the help of the community.

For instance, a friend of mine will most likely invest another 150 euros in days from now. I will advise him to buy either BTC/ETH (because it will be valuable for sure) or LEO/Hive because i believe in their potential and that the prices will increase (we saw that on LEO already)

But in what should i invest?

I know from what i read that Cardano, runes and ava are promising and to be honest i was kind of thinking to buy a little bit of those 3. Like spend 100 for ava, 25 for Cardano and 25 for runes but i still don't know.

I asked the same question on noise.cash, only @behiver replied :P and i thank him for that.


So basically after reading your answers i will take my final decision. At this point i want you to think that other users will read that post so you will help both me and them with your advice!

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