What would You advise a Newbie to Invest in?

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Hello to every human being alive! I have so many post ideas but today i will get a bit out of my usual schedule to write about something i really need your help with.

Basically, i just wanna listen to your opinions and learn a few things along the way but i am a little bit of a drama queen or king :p Anyway, hear my story and be good the samaritan!

The Story

Yesterday morning i went for a walk, with a very good friend of mine. He knows that i am involved with cryptos and ofc now that btc went to the moon he asked me to find out more.

More specifically, it's not that he asked but he is determined to invest just a small amount and see what's going to happen. I told him a few words about Hive and Leo as well as about other cryptos, but that was a generic conversation.

I also asked him, whether or not he has time to invest along with his money because i know his working schedule. He said that there is no way that he can write posts and that he got no time to do anything

I get him, he works 2 jobs and has a lot of other responsibilities as well that came out of nowhere. From my understanding, he wanna invest in hive or leo not because he believes in the coin but because he trusts me :P

so i have a burden or a responsibility in a way :P

What he wanna do is invest a total of 200 euro give or take, maybe less. He thought to invest 100 in Hive or Leo (or both) and the other 100 on another coin.

My Advice

So my advice was to either invest the 100 euro on Hive and delegating them to @leo.voter or buy leo and curate a bit. With 100 euro you buy around 1000 Hive and he gonna receive 16% from @leo.voter.

Or 400 Leo and start giving some upvotes here and there. By doing the first he literally won't spend time at all, plus he will earn LEO and by doing the second he'll spend just a few minutes each day.

The drawbacks i see is that following the hive investment in case hive increases in value it will need more time to undelegate and unstake while following the leo investment that process is faster, thus enjoying profits faster.

I also advised him with the other 100$ to either invest in Litecoin, Cardano or Thorchain. I think each of these coins has value and will increase in value, litecoin is the silver and i have 2-3 and as far as it concerns the other 2 i keep hearing from the community that it's a good investment. He also won't have to invest time only a 1 minute or so to check the prices daily.

That's what we said in that walk but we gonna talk again more in-depth because i wanna check everything more carefully as he is a good friend of mine.

So what would you advise him to invest in if you were in my shoes?

I will tag some users here on purpose that i would like to hear their advice as i think they know way more things than i do, don't need to upvote it just share your opinion!

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