What Would You do if Leo Reaches 1$, 5$, 10$?

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Hello boys and girls!

I think you all enjoy watching this green crypto scenery. It's really awesome that btc managed to get over 37k, even if i don't hold any at all! Etherium sure has its pump as well!

but let's talk about our platform a bit. If take a closer look we gonna see that Leo is at 49 cents, and it even reached 50! Even Hive shows a little bit of pump from 11 cents to 12!


I couldn't help but wonder what would it meant for me and for you if the price of Leo skyrockets to 1$, 5$, or even 10$. Now Now i am the kind of guy that predicted that Leo and Hive will reach 1$ tops in 2021, so the 5$-10$ prices are more like a dream of me!

Anyway let's see what will change in my life and your lives if Leo reaches these targets, but for now we gonna take my account into consideration! Even though i am considered an orca or a puma here, i don't think that the amount i have is hard or difficult for anyone to achieve.

Leo Reaching 1$

So currently this what my account's value looks like


As you can see for yourselves 1300 Leo isn't that much and with consistency, i think you can obtain it as well it a couple of months. So if Leo actually reaches 1$ my account will be worth 1300$

1300$ isn't much in my country, you can gather that amount in 1 to 3 months depending on your job or whether it's part-time/full-time. My ultimate goal is 5000Leo by the end of the year.

That means i have to actually win 10 Leo per day which is tough if you ask me. Even if i reach 5k leo and worth 5000$ i will still keep it!

Leo Reaching 5$

Now let's take it a step further. Leo reaching 5$ isn't that easy and most likely you won't watching reaching that number in 2021, but i want to be to wrong so badly.

Anyway if it reaches 5$ my Leo account will worth 6500$ which is not bad at all but still not enough for me to cash out, or at least most of it. I may cash out 500$ or 1000$ to "reward" myself though.

If i have 5000Leo by then it will worth 25000$ That's a number that can actually boost my life a lot. It's equivalent to 2 years of salary and not a bad one!

I would be definitely cashing out at least 5000$ not to spend in on luxury things but to help me achieve some of my goals!

Leo Reaching 10$

Now let's take the most unrealistic scenario because we are cool guys and want this to succeed and reach that state. My account will worth around 13000$ and hahaha if i have 5k of leo by then, say hello to 50000$

I can do a lottt with that kind of money, make other investments, don't work for 4-5 years, buy a car, a lot of possibilities! Guess i have to think about it again in the future.

How these prices will affect you

I have read a lot of your posts and i know your goals and dreams. Many of you with an extra 2000$, 5000$, 10000$, 50000$ can do a lot of things. You can pay off your debts, buy what you need, or even start small businesses.

Those of you who live in poorer countries can literally change your lives. You can live in your country with riches for your whole lives, be a businessman or even move to another country and start a new beginning with your family!

So i am asking you again What Would you do if Leo Reaches 1$, 5$, 10$?

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