Monero Going To Back In Bullish Pattern Monero Ready To Go To 230 Dollars

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We were looking for it to go majority of the times. it's been consolidating up there around 226 dollar.
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We still knew the price was going to up.who was able to catch we got to look forward to what we think we still see this price continue to go up the price bars in the tells us what the market is trying to do

The market is in a uptrend.we already got out the way.we looking for the price to go up what i'm going to do.where this price can go we still in an uptrend into the market in monero.we are as long as this price in continues to trade above.
We already know the market generally is going to continue to go up.we have confirmed this trend we still see the price in fact come back up.we need to consider we need to expect these things to happen market move to the upside.

We're in the uptrend i think you all can still see this strength is still market position.i'm really being massively embarrassed the market in monero going to collapse back up.the market tries to recover and tries to come back up in price maybe 230 cents.
We got on the long term.this is the market in fact on the long term and this is the reason why i'm pretty much still seeing strength.the buyers try to uphold the price the monero is still controlling the market we see this price and monero break above 230 dollars.

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