Why Lbi Coin Still Geared For The Market To Continue To Lower Trend In Price ?

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The lbi market was very reluctant into trying to fall below 0.09 cents people were very reluctant into thinking that the value of crypto were going to go down.this was a buying opportunity they continued to try to buy the market in lbi around 0.073 cents all the way up there to 0.09 cents
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The market finally broke and once we broke this long-term Trend.you all can still see that definitely confirmed the market in lbi was weak.the moment that we saw price in lbi break this long-term.I wanted to show you to confirm the market in lbi was weak.the market always gives us answers it gives us clues of how we should be thinking about our analysis.
It tried to break back up above that long-term Trend and it got rejected I got the confirmation to take the market short and not long after the marketing tables fell.what the market has in store for lbi.we are no longer seeing the market in lbi in this upward Trend.the market has broken into the downside.

We need to create another one and that is going to be our first Focus.we're going to show you how the market entails those is in a upward Trend.we need to follow the market we've seen confirmation numerous times in lbi that price is still bullish.
the current trend as long as price and lbi continues to Trend alongside.
We have nothing to worry about will continue to Trend lower.we are seeing the market closing off of the lower we're currently down 10 percent.but what we're noticing the market is getting hit with some selling of this particular moment and if you were to create where this weakness is coming in lbi.

You think the market has enough momentum in lbi to continue to at least hit 0.07 cents.we're going to focus in on the marketing tables trying to run up to that particular price level.we're getting weakness we're seeing today is not that bad.

The buyers are definitely into the market and lbi trying to buy up.whoever is selling into the market but they gotta I hope they have a lot of money .

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