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Thank you so much for stopping by buddy. I am glad you find my post valuable. ❤️ It means a lot.

For example, if you've got a project where the circulating supply is set at 200 million but the total tokens issued is 1 billion.

1 Billion token issued is 1000 million and the circulating supply is only 200 million. Now your job would be to find out where the rest of (1000-200 =) 800 million tokens are.

As mentioned later in the blog, there could be a pre-mine sitting in one of the founders' wallets or sold in a presale that you did know about. My point is that everything should be transparent and trackable.

There is no good ratio as such. But the higher the tokens issued/circulating supply ratio, there is a good chance that the project is hiding something. At least this was my experience. Hope I answered your question correctly.

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