RE: Why Splinterlands Continues To Be The #1 Blockchain Game?

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Do you reckon the price to soar?

100%. I don't know when but eventually it will. Last year when I joined the party, it was around $1. :') I am pretty sure it's going to go back up to that level depending upon the development. I believe in the team and they have proved themselves time and again that they have the potential to take it to the next level. It's the #1 blockchain game for a reason. The price of SPS is quite low right now and as you mentioned, one of the best times to acquire as much as you can. :)) Also, I am biased because I am a stakeholder. Haha! Please DYOR.

And also, how much would a plot cost now?

It was around $300 the last time I checked and it can go down even more. Land Phase I is far and nothing major will happen until we actually get to use them to mine resources and do other stuff. As far as I understand, the hype around them is still there. One PLOT was sold for $20 a piece during presale. I saw the prices going up to a $1000 at some point. It could be one of your best investments in digital real estate. :))

Affordability is an issue for me too which is why I am posting daily. By month-end I should be able to afford one. You can do something similar mate.

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Don't worry, I too am a stakeholder, a mini stakeholder. Being a student, I do not have deep pockets for a hefty investment. Instead, I invested heavily with my time and effort. So yea! I am just very heartened to hear that the Management have been progressing. Heard that there was a recent partnership with Warner Bros too!

Yes @finguru , I really need your advice. I have recently been trying to up the activity level in my space here in order to attempt to afford a plot. However, the results between our post are drastically different, I am but a mere shadow of yours. By chance, do you know how can I actually progress? I tried posting actively, I tried engaging in the community, I tried pretty much all the advise that I can find on the internet, but yet to no avail. Any advise for me please?