RE: The Danger From The Likes Of Facebook

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Facebook & their likes are control freaks. On these websites, users are the products and our data is being misused against us to empty our pockets and fill theirs.

In the past decade, they have created this toxic environment where everyone is hooked onto them without actually realizing their true intentions. Their mods can screw your hard work with a click of a button. I used to excessively spend so much money on their ads and one day they suddenly shut my account without any reason. Made me lose my entire business in a single day. I had no choice but to create everything from scratch and explore other platforms.

Blockchain-based social media websites are giving power back to the hands of people. We finally own our content & have a chance to improve our financial state by contributing to these platforms. I wish more and more people realize the value of their privacy & data by using better alternatives as we have here on Hive.

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