witness wars may be coming back; vote for Drakos.

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The ruling pigs have turned into farmer Justin Sun Jones. It is time that users of hive, however futile, start a coup and invoke our power to select new witnesses and replace the old. I'll probably be downvoted hard on this, maybe perpetually downvoted, but let us test how similar the whales are becoming farmer Jones anyways to see if there really is a future in hive or not.

One of the top whales, who also has a witness, is proposing a host of taxes to put upon hive and fees upon curators. @theycallmedan wants some type of psuedo-defi model for the platform https://peakd.com/powerdown/@theycallmedan/power-down-time#@truthforce/qt5ynw . There sees to be other whale witnesses who sound in support of this idea. Certainly the whales are going to groom the minnows with "hive dust" [your money], and rape [you] the younglings to protect themselves and to enrich the stakers [again whales are whale sized stakers]. literally they won't be seeding new real users; new small users will increasingly be bots feeding a whale plankton [hive dust]-an age old problem.

I wish all these communist with big ideas about what they are going to do with our money that they propose stealing would just forked off a new chain first and leave us alone. Last year was exhausting with the wars with Justin Sun [and some are still fighting it in court to get their money back] and created a huge delay in the blarchive project. This mess really isn't want the users want to see again, let alone so quickly.

At least Justin Sun Promised to protect our private property rights from these same very witnesses. Remember how I stressed the importance of the teachings of Christ in being better than the Romans. Obviously theycallmedan can't even make the same promises of protection that an unwanted tyrant made who broke up the chain. That tyrant destroyed the chain even before he stole crypto out of users accounts. Dan; stop being a Justin Sun. In fact, you are kind of making Justin Sun look like a hero.

Now that spring semester is over and no classes, I have thought of finishing a gaming engine project on hive I mentioned I was working on months ago. These political games and potential changes are making hive undesirable to port projects to. So Lets say I plop in another 4200 hive so I can create a new user every 5 days with RCs; when I power it up theycallmedan wants to steal 210 of it under his propose changes at the chain level because he thinks he knows how to use my crypto better than I do. His vision is that it mostly goes into the whales pockets and trickles down [less and less, year by year]; like a pyramid scheme.

It's bad enough that author rewards were cut from 75% down to 50% to appease the whales, but now they want to tax another 10% on top of that. Do you see a trend with these whales; they want to eat up everything and destroy the userbase-they want to seize the users crypto and put it in their own community321 and maybe market it as "new hive" also...Sounds like last years May 20th hard fork. If these whales hate hive so much, here is an novel idea: leave.

If we wanted a defi model we can go to platforms that have that. In fact, a bulk of my crypto assets are in pre-defi projects waiting for bridges and/or formal listings. When they completed that process and I take my profit, I was looking forward to bringing it home to hive. That choice to invest in defi type models should be mine and mine alone-not some whale who gripes about his own whale sized investments and wished it was something else. Going up some 400% in less than 6 months wasn't good enough on the existing model for them. If Dan thinks hive is all that bad, he really should just sell his surplus and leave instead of conspiring to take more of the rewards away from the users thus undermining their recognized benefit under Metcalf's law.

He wants to allow an instant powerdown feature-again with a 10% fee. He seems to recognize that it is a security risk, but that we should have an opt in feature with delay before the instant powerdown function is called. I think we would notice if our HP was being powered down faster than if someone pulled the switch without us noticing, then months later bam all gone in a heart beat. Supposedly this fee is to prevent an exchange from taking over the chain again to punish them. Of the many ways they could have addressed the potential of an exchange attacking the chain, they chose the option that ensure those who are already whales will most likely remain whales. And now that I think of it, if an exchange does have enough hive to take over the chain-they literally have full control over the block chain when they set their witnesses; The 5% power up fee accomplish little to nothing in terms of security; And I am not sure that such an attacker would be worse if all these taxes are indeed in our future.

I wish these dick taters with their big ideas at our expense would go fork themselves up a new chain, instead of trying to take us all down with them. If their ideas was really that great, then they should fork hive and let the free market decide if anyone wants their crappy ideas. They know people don't want this, so they have to drag us in with them because they have the power-and that power has corrupted them. Year after year now; seriously screw them. Will blurt be any better? Does dpos just mean distributed piece of s___.

so the witnesses seemingly in favor of these changes are threespeak, blocktrades, and half of steempress.

You can unvote them here:

It takes 17 witnesses to bring about these changes. At least one recognizes that this proposal is bad.
So be sure to vote for @drakos.

We just need 4 witnesses in the top 20 to tell Dan that no one wants this idea. Of course this will he hard because the whale witnesses probably have the power to decide the top 30 witnesses just like Justin Sun did. The proposal left a well recognized vulnerability open-the ability for a user to choose 30 witnesses with full weight-in favor for a tax they say was meant to protect us;a tax that does nothing to protect us.