Ask Leo: My leofinance guide for newbies

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Do you see the recent post from @leogrowth ,if not you really need to check it out right now as that will also put more light to the reason behind this content right now


You have been in this community for long period of time and I want to believe that lot of things as been achieved and accomplished during your stint here and by now,you should have enough reasons to tell other people who are yet to know about the leofinance community about it and about how beneficial the community is to it user's, aside the fact that I do take it upon myself to preach the Gospel of the community, I also find it easier to make sure that lot of things are in place to guide those who are new in the community.

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Another guide for the new user's and the coming one

I always want to believed that aside being talked to or invited by a friend to the community, I always believed that most of the user's here has one or two things that as motivated them to join or create a leo account and I believed that will actually help them to understand and see how powerful creating a Leo account will definitely make you later in future!(Read on & trust this content)

Having yourself here in the most talked about community on hive ecosystem that looks like other socal media where you can easily interact and get to see and know new things is actually interesting at first right? Getting to see many contents making dozens of dollars on a write up is another thing that will actually makes you imagine where are you now, I want to also believe that your level of thought and understanding at this point will revolve around how you are going to meet up and get to such stage too

Let take a look at some secret that can be of help to your progress here on Leofinance community


Having a clear expectations as regards the platform is very important , aside the level of knowledge and growth that you will encounter in the process of engaging in the community,you also need to have clarify your expectations from the platform. Why did you join? What you tend to expect also from the platform?

At the point at which I joined the community I was having no clear knowledge about Cryptocurrency at all,so I decided to take my time to learn and this was one reason why I fellowed some great whales just to understand all what the community entails at first.

Fellow the right mind

The Community

The leofinace community is the best community on hive system right now and to me this is where everyone comes to post one or two informative content that has to do with crypto and it environment. Even if we have not met,we all have this understanding that we are talking and interacting with humans and not avatar's and this as also helped us in different ways as our comments are not just for commenting sakes, as will have been able to ask questions and also learn new things too Vai comments and contents writing.

Have you signed up into the community if yes,that as automatically makes you a new member and going ahead to make an introduction post will also prove that you are real too in the community.

Taking your time to introduce yourself is very important as that will also attract lot of individuals to actually check your profile and to me this will also boast your chances of growing quick in the community, having a very clear details in your bio is very important and you should also do well to also check others out too and fellow the right minded ones to actually help your growth in the community.

Be Ready to Learn

Your willingness to learn in the community is very important and that is why reading this right content too is very important, don't forget that irrespective of how small your voting power is, upvoting those contents too is a boast for you as that also will make other User's to see how serious you are in the community , just as I do tell people if you didn't not improve while in the community,then your improvement while it comes to businesses and investments outside the community will be very hard.

Knowing all the above will definitely put you on the right sit, as all you have to do is to enjoy and take off in the community

Despite the level of vulnerability of the community , there are some guided principle's that needs be fellow too

-Don't ask for upvote
-Post your own content - for no reason should you copy another user's content from the platform or outside the platform
-Apply image source while using images on your write up
-Be real with your intentions
-Always ask questions,if their is something you don't know please ask!!
-Make sure you fellow @khaleelkazi & @leofinance inorder to always see every update in the Community

Bottom line

I sincerely hope this content helpedy as you will be joining the community and for those who have joined that are still struggling with one thing for the other. Stay Calm and enjoy your stay in the community as you have kicked off another phase of learning and financial expansion in life.

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These are good tips and guides for newbies. You are right about expectations. I think it is best to start with "learning" and "growth" in mind and not focus on "upvotes"

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Definitely and thanks for dropping by,am also trying to do something more to actually makes most of the newbies to understand more about the community.

My next content is definitely going to be about the community at large

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Thanks for helping the LEO Community!



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