One Week of Playing Axie Infinity: Earnings Review

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While traditional centralized platforms continue to promote spend for nothing games, in the decentralized world we have seen the emergence of a new category of games: Play2Earn.

On the Hive blockchain we are rather familiar with that type of games thanks to Splinterlands and CryptoBrewMasters amongst others. There’s also quite some Gods Unchained players among Hivers.

Some months ago I highlighted the upcoming NBATopShots collectibles game by Dapper Labs, the makers of CryptoKitties.

In recent months a new game has quietly emerged and gained popularity, Axie Infinity.

As the game’s two tokens were recently listed on Binance, it was long overdue I kicked myself in the butt and tested out out Axie Infinity.

I have played Axie Infinity for almost 7 complete days now and am reporting about the earnings potential.

There’s more to Axie Infinity than mining SLP tokens (Small Love Potion) via playing, but for this initial review I am limiting myself to the gameplay.

One Week of Axie Infinity Playing: Earnings Review

Axie Infinity is a traditional (PvP) turn-based cards tame, where cards are. axies and you’re their trainer. There are two different game modes:

  1. Adventures
  2. The Arena (PvP)

In Adventures mode, your team of axies travels the land fighting opposition computer teams. For each win you gain experience points which can make your team level up. Each round also offers the opportunity to mine a certain number of SLP, depending on its difficulty. Daily SLP earnings in adventures are capped at 100.

Axie Infinity Adventure Mode

In the Arena, you play real-time opponents. Your axies do not level up. SLP are earned based on your Season rating and also on consecutive wins. The lower your season, the less you earn for a (first) win. There is no cap on how many SLP you can earn every day.

Players start with 50 energy and every two hours you receive additional 5 energy (max. 50).

I have been playing as a n00b, without truly studying the cards axies can play or different types of axies. I wanted to report about a sort of “virgin”, impulsive start. I was given a set of 3 axies, which I think qualify as B team in quality.

My initial aim was to play around two hours daily, as that is a minimum amount I tend to waste at my idle clickers and FIFA Mobile addiction. Time spent for nothing, in fact, occasionally I even tend to purchase a pack to progress faster in those games. Earnings? Zero, nada, naught, noppes, zilch.

And so I started, with my base team.

The n00b team setup

After I played almost two days with my plant (tank) in the wrong position — a n00b error I was sure I hadn’t made — I completed almost a whole week of playing Axie Infinity and can report my game earnings here.

I played a little longer than targeted. All game sessions were tracked with Toggl track. Generally I played in sessions of around 20 minutes, a quick break, several times a day.

SPL Earned
Combined Total
Time Played
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7

I will undoubtedly play some more rounds of adventure today and score another 15SPL at least.

In total I made 881SPL in seven days. It is important to know that my team is so far only level 16 in adventure and I can thus not yet max out on the daily 100SLP you can earn in Adventure mode. But I should be able to do so in some days.

Small Love Potion has in recent days been trading at around $0.04 or higher.

At the rate of $0.04506415 at the time of writing, in one week I earned $39.70.

In many third world and development nations this is above minimum wage earnings. In 2 hours daily only.

Is Axie Infinity a Solid Investment?

To get started with Axie Infinity you need 3 axies. Currently, axies can only be obtained via the Axie Marketplace. Axies tend to trade starting at 0.05ETH each, or around $25/axie.

While people may be deterred by the initial investment cost, especially compared to other collectibles games with cheaper decks, as proven in last seven days, Axie Infinity is a sound investment. But Axie Infinity is time intensive, at least for those who wish to make a relative solid daily return.

And Axie Trainers can also breed new axies.

What Utility Does SLP Have?

Small Love Potion is Axie Infinity’s utility token which can be earned by players. Breeders do need an always increasing amount of SLP for each new breed with the same Axie. After few breeding rounds the amount of needed SLP quickly becomes too much to mine from playing.

Graphics via DappRadar

With an ever growing community of players and breeders, the utility of the SLP token has been confirmed.

Recently, several axies also sold for respectable amounts. More than respectable amounts even. The most expensive one so far being sold for 300ETH.

Stay tuned for more upcoming Axie Infinity updates.

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Note: Axie Infinity is based on the Ethereum blockchain, which means that at times GAS fees need be paid. But not to play with your Axies.

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