ONEUP Cartel TV (Episode 3): Crypto Raiders

▶️ Watch on 3Speak _In our latest episode with @solymi and CryptoCart

Pegaxy: Horse Racing And Breeding With Winged Robot NFTs

*The meteoric rise of racing blockchain games has blasted Pegaxy at the forefront of a peculiar niche in NFT gaming. We are looking closer…

Axie Infinity: The Gold Nugget That Started The Blockchain Gaming Goldrush

Axie Infinity: The Gold Nugget That Started The Blockchain Gaming Goldrush *With Axie, the Golden Age of play2earn has finally begun…

Cartel Post Framework: How To Create Stunning Posts For HIVE Communities

*This post is a guide for the operators, writers and editors of the Cartel - as well as any other content creator on HIVE, Splintertalk…

Farming Tales: 3D Farming Simulator with Real-World Farming Benefits

* Farming Tales is an innovative low-poly farming simulator built on the [WAX blockchain](

Somnium Space: A Deep Dive | The Metaverse World That Is About To Go Nova

Somnium Space, a Metaverse world that is expanding the boundaries of the decentralised metaverse. This post aims to achieve just one importa

Rising Star: Music Career Game For Fame And Glory

*Grind your way up to become a pop star, in the slow-paced browser game on HIVE, that has a special heart for the community: By…

ONEUP Cartel TV (Episode 2): dCrops

▶️ Watch on 3Speak *Welcome back family, to @solymi explaining blockchain games for you, in ou

Making Gifs for the Cartel and feeling a little big gangsta!

Introduction We love making gifs! This of you that follow us can see the journey we have been on. You can find our Gifs on Giphy and…

Ragnarok: The Most Hardcore Strategy Game On The Blockchain?

*Out of the depths of the HIVE blockchain is crawling a monster of a blockchain game, a hattrick of strategy that will scare noobs and…

1UP Weekly Operator Report: Splinterlands Cartel-Monster

Welcome to the weekly report for #oneup @cartel-monster. After last week's massive DEC gains we were expecting a return to normalcy with…

Crypto Raiders: A Pixel Art RPG Dungeon Crawler on Polygon

*This cute pixel game has conquered the blockchain gaming world by storm and is surprising players and investors with their inn

1UP Cartel Is Exploding: Over 30k USD CARTEL Issued, Only 4 Days Left For Base Price

*The @oneup-cartel has reached a critical growth, where things are escalating faster than I would have ever anticipated. The amount of suppo

Skyweaver: A True Free2Play NFT Trading Card Game

*Digital Trading Card Games like Splinterlands and Gods Unchained were among the very first blockchain games, using NFTs before they got…

Crypto "Raiders, of the Lost Ark"

Crypto Raiders , a utility-based NFT RPG game that draws inspiration from Zed.Run and World of Warcraft. Raid dungeons, conquer…

ChiFiBots HIVE Pre-Sale: Funding Reached & Stretchgoals Announced

_On January 1st, we launched the [ChiFiBots trading card game pre-sale](

Gods Unchained: Beautiful Free2Play Trading Card Game

*For the past four years a precious gemstone in the blockchain games world has been polished out of a rock, that looks better than most of…

dCrops: A Farming Simulator To Plant, Grow and Harvest Vegetables

*Have you always dreamed about growing your own crops without getting your hands dirty but still benefitting from the fruit veggies of…

YOU WANT IN? – how to join the ONEUP CARTEL

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Hashkings: All About Growing Weed Like A True Cartel

_One of the most popular games on HIVE is all about growing and selling weed and hash. That is not only legal but also fun and profitable.…