Announcing BSC Bridge | Instant HIVE > BNB Conversion

Rishi using the bot instead of bothering me. This is probably going to be a short announcement, but an announcement nevertheless.…

[Splinterlands] The Flippening is Officially Here!

We've seen heavy sales volume on packs the last few days, so I decided to take a look at the card values to see if The Flippening had…

Behold The Legendary Gold Foil Crunch With The Splinterlands Land Expansion

For the longest time, the rarest cards in Splinterlands were looked upon as some weird extravagancy without much value other than their…

Tails - An Airgap OS For Privacy & Security To Keep Your Cryptocurrency Keys Safe

Not your keys, not your crypto! Everyone in the crypto space has heard this phrase before, but few really take it to the next level. The…

The Hyperdeflation Of Splinterlands: Why The Cards Are Exploding In Price

Splinterlands is a trading card game on the HIVE blockchain, that introduced the concept of the second layer to the wider community of…

Is The Passphrase For Your Hardware Wallet Strong Enough?

Using a hardware wallet is an extra layer of security for your cryptocurrency keys. These devices store your keys and instead of entering…

My Cub Finance Meme Collection for Diamond Paws

The Lion King @khaleelkazi has called the lion pack for a coordinated onslaught of Cub Finance memes. Well, I've heard the call and…

The Crypto Bull-Run 2021 On HIVE Will Be MUCH BETTER For Us Than Four Years Ago On STEEM

In 2017/18 we saw an explosive rise of value in the cryptocurrency sphere. When I started writing on Steemit in summer '17, the price of…

Layered Farming Explained - The Future Of CUB?

The CubFinance roadmap shows one very important thing, that is the latest hype in the DeFi world: Layered Farming, developed by Goose…

Amazing Arbitrage Opportunities Between LEO, WLEO and bLEO

Today was my initiation into ancient mystery traditions a quick money making technique called arbitrage . You basically buy a token…

CubFinance: Compounding Strategies To Maximize Your Income

After two days on CubFinance , a lot of money was made, many mistakes were done and FUD and FOMO proponents over the CUB price are…

CubFinance: What are Farms and Dens?

_With the dawn of the new LeoFinance DeFi app CubFinance , we get tons of new features for LEO and various other tokens and make them…

Using Presearch With The Brave Browser Extension Directly From The Address Bar

Yesterday, I have published an article about Presearch, the decentralized search engine, that doesn't spy on you and pays you with PRE…

Presearch - A Decentralized Search Engine Where You Earn While Searching The Web

For about one and a half year I have been using Presearch, an app that replaces your default search engine in your browser with a…

DeFi on Hive: It's Time

DeFi Before It Was Cool Hive (formerly Steem), the blockchain creation from the mind of Dan Larimer (@dan), was ahead of its time...as…

More on Swarm Intelligence: The TikTok Effect & "Trusting Science"

So apparently bees do some kind of vibration dance to come up with Hivemind decisions (like where to seed a new home). Their decisions are…

Seriously Though: What's up with @dan?

Just look at those piercing blue eyes! What a sexy beast. What an appropriate time to make inappropriate comments like I'm John Oliver…

Hey LeoFinance people...

I'm seeking opinions and feedback for @khaleelkazi. He's a bit busy at the moment, so I'm taking it upon myself to get this feedback for…

LEO Whale Through HODLing From Day One Preparing For WLEO V2

When LEO started last year, I got an initial airdrop into my account (I think it was because I had PAL staked). The project immediately…

What Are The Best-In-Slot Workers For The Splinterlands Expansion

This is a follow-up post to my speculation from yesterday about the upcoming