LEO Whale Through HODLing From Day One Preparing For WLEO V2

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When LEO started last year, I got an initial airdrop into my account (I think it was because I had PAL staked). The project immediately sounded like it had the best chances to grow in value, so I held on to it and staked it for LEO power. Since then I made sure to constantly earn curation rewards in LEO and tried to avoid running idle on 100% power. I even bought a little bit of LEO but never much and I staked most of my rewards and increased my power to what I have now: close to 9k LEO, making me a small whale of the ecosystem.


And even though I wish I would have gotten much more, looking at how far LEO has come already, I am grateful for my instinct to hodl it as well as to the LEO community for doing the same. LEO has grown into something that I trust more than its own motherchain HIVE, because the people behind it understand how to create direct financial value. HIVE and STEEM before have both going downhill more and more ever since STEEMs all-time high of about $8 USD in January 2018. HIVE is now down to eleven cents and STEEM is dead to me.

LEO price chart

While I do see a long-term potential for HIVE, I am speculating that holding mostly LEO instead will be way more profitable. LEO is trading against HIVE and has now constantly growing higher and higher, over 1.5 HIVE per LEO currently. Should HIVE grow 10x, LEO would probably hold strong and grow along with it. I doubt that many LEO holders would start dumping their stakes to swap to HIVE. The LEO curation rewards are much more profitable than HIVE, because you need much less LEO compared to HIVE to create the same upvote value due to the smaller total supply of tokens. Hence, the return of investment would stay higher than with HIVE, if the majority of stake holders continues to hold. So even if some whales start dumping, the market would probably gladly absorb those tokens.


That being said, I think it is far more likely that LEO against HIVE grows 10x in value. They are doing so many projects attracting the broader crypto community, that they are able to pull in more and more users who would have otherwise not touched HIVE but now get interested in LEO.

On LEOFinance they can now earn ETH while discussing exclusively financial topics. And while we all use the platform, the ad revenue is used to buy LEO from the market and burn it, to shrink the supply (by the way, Brave browser shields down for LeoFinance helps the ecosystem to grow).

And soon we can add both our LEO and ETH to the WLEO 2.0 pool, with a long-term geyser model, which sounds like a cool way to incentivize investors to hold as long long-term for a max ROI and hence further lower the available supply of LEO tokens.

I am no expert in finances but my past three and a half years of success and failure in crypto and on STEEM HIVE have given me a pretty good instinct for projects that just feel right to me, personally. LEO is such a project and apparently a lot of people do think similarly, looking at how dear they hold on to their LEO tokens. The recent hack of the WLEO liquidity pool and the strong community reaction has shown me how much indeed the current investors value the LEO token.


This is why I will join the new liquidity pool for WLEO V2 with a significant amount of my LEO stake, to farm rewards and support one of the most interesting projects of my portfolio.

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