RE: UI Refresh, LeoBridge, Kingdoms Release and Major Farms/Dens Update

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Honestly, this seems very unfair for the people that PAID 4% to stake their coins in dens that offered exposure to quality projects. Personally, most of my stake (outside of cub) is in BNB and DOT. So basically, I sacrifice 4% of my crypto for only a couple weeks of yield, and now I'm forced to abandon those positions, which I paid to enter????

I totally understand this frustration and I immediately thought that people in those positions will probably feel left out, when I read the announcement. But you if think about it, you have easily made back these 4% plus some gains. Even now the DOT-BNB farm gives over 4% per week and from your comment I assume you have been farming early on and hence have seen much higher APR at the start.

DOT trades now lower than at the start of CubFinance and BNB only slightly higher. You could sell your CUB now and buy back DOT and BNB and stand at a better position than before. Or you keep hodling your earned CUBS and throw them in the Den, which will get a 50% higher APR with these updates compared to right now. With that extra APR you could buy new DOT and BNB over time and not even loose your CUB position. All in all not the worst outcome, but yes, it could have been handled better.

Obviously, none of the above relates to any direct investments you might have made into the CUB token itself, but that is unrelated to the farm and den changes anyway.

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