RE: Are Stable Coins Killing The Crypto Dream?

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For stablecoins like Tether that is supposedly backed by Fiat I think that is the wrong way to go, and they could also be put under regulatory pressure for that very reason, and if I am correctly informed they also are.

Fo HBD though, which is backed by Hive and only uses the USD as the aim for what it wants to be pegged to in order to keep the purchase power steady, then that is a different story, and what I view as the right way to stabilize purchase power, given that the dollar stay stable too lol.

Over time seeing experiments using Hive Engine tokens to make payments with, I have come to the conclusion that it is much better for any tribe owner to use HBD to recieve payments on any affiliate marketing sites they also own, and then add a rebate for staking the tribe token as opposed to using the tribe token for payments directly.

This approach is also what I intend to use for an upcoming site myself and with the ALIVE token.