Snow Day With Lots of Driving, Stocks - Tuesday

As I sat at the computer in the morning and watched it continue too snow I happened to open my email a little before 8:00am and noticed an…

Birthday Touch Of Normal, Stocks, Grapes - Thursday

It was cold yesterday still and that meant the day was spent inside. The wind chill was down around 5F and blowing consistently all day…

My Newest Stock Investment MYCOF, Cleaning House, Resting, - Tuesday

Yesterday was the start of the frigid temps and it really felt it when taking R to school. The sun was only partly visible and made the…

Batch 27 Raw Chicken Finished, $NOK - Tuesday

First thing in the morning yesterday the freeze dryer cycle "finished". At 38.5 hours I could tell that the chicken had not finished the…

What a time to be on Hive

This is my first post, and it certainly will not be my last. I landed in Hive in June after re-discovering my old, and virtually unused…

HiveGiftcards.com Update

Thank you to the Hive community for such amazing support on our first post here . Visit the website here

BitBay Trading on LAToken starting Monday

BitBay ($BAY & $BAYR) With its unique system of adaptive supply control, BitBay is creating a stable and reliable currency that is truly…

Regular saving on the STEEM blockchain with SPinvest - RESTEEM bounty open to all

Hello and welcome to this SPinvest post . About SPinvest........... SPinvest is a tokenized investment fund/club for all users of…

SPinvest Great Treasure Hunt - Collect all the keys to claim your chest of booty - Everyone is welcome #1

Ahoy, me hearties. Grab ye eye patch and start walking with a limp, treasure hunting session is open and all mateys are required on deck.…

Confirmation of membership to the SteemPower Investments Club

The purpose of this post is to document and provide confirmation that I, flemingfarm have entered into formal written agreement with the…

BitBay Cryptocurrency Allows Coin Holders to Help Stabilize its Value through Voting and a Proprietary Dynamic Peg System - CardRates.com

BITBAY ARTICLE In a Nutshell: One thing Bitcoin and other c