The new gem in my collection

< I have looked at this card for a long time. As more and more cards get more or less whiped from the market and I wanted to take…

The holy grail of Magic on eBay

The holy grail for Magic collectors is for sale on eBay at the moment. The current bid is 658100$ with almost 9 days left. It was up…

Flipstar is looking into flipping coins


Stacking scarcity

Cardboard has been on a rage last year and I do not expect it to really slow down. As a couple of Pokemon and Yu Gi Oh cards even…

Are the shoeshine boys already talking about crypto?

I am in crypto since 2017 and rode the madness which happened in this year up and for the most part down 2018 and the following years. I…

The new kid on the block (Perth Mint) Quokka


Collectables as an asset

The last months I have been fascinated by the world of Magic The Gathering. The plan was to get a bit of financial exposure to the…

Crypto.com is shutting down its Debit Card service temporarily in UK and Europe

That sucks.... I really enjoyed the card. I enjoyed the cashback. I enjoyed the free Netflix and Spotify and I was waiting for it almost…

If you can`t beat them join them? PayPal + BTC ?

There are rumors floating through the internet that PayPal is stepping into the Cryptocurrency ring. [source](

Potential Design for the new reverse of the Silver Eagle

The Silver Eagle is getting a new design. The following pictures are the candidates. As far as I know the design will not change every…

Komsco Phoenix

The Komsco mint from Southkorea comes out with a new series. This time it comes with an unlimited mintage and is their take on a BU…

Some flipping rambling

When to sell is not only in Crypto a pretty important question one should answer themselve but it seems also be important in the coin…

The next great flip?

I already wrote a bit about the second release of the Black Flag series and what a mess it was for the consumer. The prices were…

Investing in Collectibles --- MTG finance

The last 2 year or so I was watching the Magic market as a spectator with no skin in the game. I was fascinated by it. I had played MTG…

My first silver flips

As I am stuck in Germany for quite some months now I used the time to flip some of my silver. I have posted some time ago that the…
1 yr

Tribe Analysis for the Month – Sportstalk!

This month we will be looking more closely into the Sportstalk tribe. The name of the tribe is pretty much self-explanatory what this…

Vote for Steem to get a free listing and a 25k promotion packet

It is this time again to show that we are a strong community and kick some other tokens in the butt. The Halodex got recently listed on…

LEO Mega Miners are gone

How do I know? Because I have them now. To be honest I am not sure if this was the right decision but it is done now and now they are…

Finally bought my Steem Silver Round

It took me quite a while to pull the trigger on this one and I cannot really tell you why. Maybe because I got a bit of trouble with the…

I confess

At the moment I am the second biggest investor into the @sportsvoter bot with around 55000 delegated Steem. I saw it as a great…