Andrei Jikh’s crypto portfolio in 2021

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Andrei Jikh’s crypto portfolio in 2021.

We take a deeper look at what’s in Andrei Jikh’s crypto portfolio and examine why he’s moving away from stocks

If you've been wondering what's in Andrei Jikh's crypto portfolio, then today's LeoFinance blog has got you covered.

Before diving in, I recommend you watch the YouTube video that's embedded below but without further ado.

Let's do this.

What’s in Andrei Jikh’s crypto portfolio

On his YouTube channel, Andrei Jikh’s crypto portfolio has finally been revealed in its entirety.

In a video titled how to become rich with crypto, my top 10 crypto ideas, Andrei speaks in detail and his shift into crypto and where he now has his money parked.

Let’s take a look at which 10 (okay, 9) crypto projects made the cut.

10. Dogecoin (DOGE)

Andrei talks about the popular meme coin, but treats Dogecoin as the joke it was intended to be.

Don’t worry serious investors, Dogecoin doesn’t actually make the final cut of Andrei Jikh’s crypto portfolio.

9. Bitcoin Gold (BTG)

Many would actually argue that the extremely unsecure Bitcoin forks like Bitcoin Gold are worse than meme coins.

While he’s somewhat explained his position as simply taking advantage of the fork while holding Bitcoin, I have no idea why he would persist.

8. Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin is his first cryptocurrency you could compare to the blue chip stocks that Andrei is renowned for investing in.

He makes a fair comparison to digital silver and this is a much more explainable Andrei Jikh type of portfolio addition.

7. Dash (DASH)

What is this, a top 10 crypto portfolio list of 2016?

Come on Andrei mate, you’re losing the plot.

6. Ripple (XRP)

Andrei refers to the story of Ripple as being complex rather than a centralised shitcoin, but I can totally understand his rational for including it in his portfolio.

Ripple is a hedge on the current banking system winning the race against decentralised cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.


I’ve always been interested in IOTA’s tangle, but it’s another one that has seemed to have dropped off the mainstream crypto radar.

The fact that IOTA is quantum computer resistant and doesn’t even use the traditional blockchain tech we know, makes it another potentially good hedge.

4. Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV)

See the BTG section above for why Andrei holds these unsecure forks.

He does mention that this is his least favourite fork, so I’ll again give Andrei the benefit of the doubt for not dumping immediately.

3. Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Andrei recklessly talks about Bitcoin Cash like it’s a legitimate alternative to Bitcoin.

In reality, Bitcoin Cash is nothing more than a marketing gimmick aimed at making Roger Ver rich.

2. Bitcoin (BTC)

Finally we reach the true blue chip crypto projects with big daddy Bitcoin coming in second on his list, before Ethereum at one.

Bitcoin is Bitcoin and doesn’t need much more of an explination as to why it made Andrei’s crypto portfolio than that.

1. Ethereum (ETH)

I found it interesting that Andrei talked about Ethereum 2.0 and staking vs proof of work, but not DeFi.

As a dividend stock focused investor, I thought he would be all over the DeFi space, but I guess not.

Andrei Jikh’s portfolio is moving away from stocks

The LeoFinance community has taken a look at Andrei Jikh’s portfolio from a stock market perspective, but as a personal finance influencer, he goes where the clicks are.

And in the investment climate of 2021, that’s out of low risk all dividend stock portfolio and into the highly volatile, yet lucrative crypto space.

When creating an all dividend stock portfolio, Andrei faced a couple of key problems, each of which we’ll go over below.

The problem with high yield stocks

The biggest problem with a portfolio exclusively made up of high yield stocks is that there is an inverse relationship between price and dividend yield.

This means that distribution is not really sustainable due to the fact that Andrei is missing out on gains via big price rips in growth stocks.

In what feels like a never ending bull trend for stocks, the risk:reward of a low risk, dividend only stock portfolio just doesn’t make sense.

As a result, Andrei was left holding stocks that he really didn’t want to hold, for no other reason than the fact that they offered dividends.

Timing the market is still hard

Another problem with Andre Jikh’s portfolio was the fact he still had to time the market.

While the goal of Andrei’s all dividend stock portfolio was to take slow and steady gains in the form of dividends, he was always still subject to the same growth stock timing issues.

Dividends are never guaranteed and are actually subject to both macroeconomic (economy wide) and microecononomic (company specific) risks in exactly the same way that growth stocks are.

This means that in a time where stocks only go up, Andrei was missing out on price rises in growth stocks, while still being exposed to the same risks if he missed on a selection.

Final thoughts on Andrei Jikh’s crypto portfolio

Andrei Jikh has shifted from being entirely dividend stock focused, to a more growth focused crypto portfolio.

By gaining exposure to the various Bitcoin forks and centralised shitcoins like Ripple, his shift to crypto is obviously extreme.

While the risks are obviously much higher, you could at least make more of a comparison if Andrei chose a blue chip DeFi focus such as on BSC with CAKE, or Ethereum with UNI.

In my opinion, Andrei Jikh’s crypto portfolio looks poorly planned and nothing more than a marketing gimmick.

Best of probabilities to you.

Direct from the desk of Dane Williams.

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