BNB Breaks Out of Daily Pennant

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Direct from the desk of Dane Williams.

Hey team,

What a day for the LeoFinance community!

The team successfully launched CUB Finance and I've spent the day figuring out why there's so much fuss around DeFi.

And I'm officially converted.

While I know we're ridiculously early and the yields certainly aren't sustainable, I'm enjoying them while they last and taking it all as a nice little Defi learning experiment.

But I'm a trader at heart and wanted to revisit the BNB pennant breakout we discussed on CUB-eve.

Here's where we were on the BNB hourly:

BNB Hourly:
BNB Hourly

As you can see, price has pulled back to retest daily support and is just now starting to break out of the upper trend line.

Let's see if we get a momentum push on the back of this breakout, but as you can see from that chart, the writing has certainly been on the wall for a while.

And from the updated BNB hourly chart below, it turns out I didn't buy enough:

BNB Hourly Updated:
BNB Hourly Updated

But hey, we've never bought enough when trades go our way.

Nice little breakout there.

Of course it's when most of the community are trying to stock up on BNB in order to get involved with CUB Finance.

Murphy's law and all that...

Now bring on this airdrop :)

Best of probabilities to you,


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