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2 months ago
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Direct from the desk of Dane Williams.

Hey team,

With HIVE sitting on daily support for what feels like forever, am I the only one that gets excited every second day when I see +10% price rises on my app?

Take a look at TradingView here:

Screen Shot 20210116 at 10.56.20 pm.png

It seriously gets me every single time, before I realise that it's just that same nothing move.

Heck, it's even just price ticking between the bid/ask spread on the shitty Bittrex HIVE/USD trading pair.

Oh, just me?



While it's Saturday and the forex markets are closed, I wanted to plug my Dad's latest post in the StemGeeks community:

>> Reflections on Planetary Conjunctions and Shadows <<

Putting a LeoFinance spin on it, since the STEM token sell wall was destroyed the last time we spoke about it here on the blog, it's been on a constant downward slide.

Is there any sort of a roadmap or plan to grow the community and the token price on the back of it?

Or is this the StemGeeks lot in life now?

Best of probabilities to you,


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