Is it time to buy the crypto dip?

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Is it time to buy the crypto dip?

Direct from the desk of Dane Williams.

Yes, NOW is genuinely the time to buy the dip in crypto.

Some days there are certain posts and lines that I read on LeoFinance, which just resonate with me.

Today that was this little extract from tarazkp’s you’ve lost that market feeling:

…if you are serious about wanting to benefit big from crypto, this might be your last opportunity - or are you going to wait six years?

And the following two Bitcoin charts:

Bitcoin chart 1.

Bitcoin chart 2.

So, is it genuinely time to buy the dip?

The answer is obviously yes.

This IS your final chance to buy the dip and build a cheap income generating stack before the next event that causes a predictable repricing in the same way that it always does.

Each cycle you wait, the harder it becomes to build that base stack which will offer you truly life changing money.

Are you going to take the opportunity being presented?

This seems like one of those times when the risk of not being exposed to the consistent, potentially parabolic upside, is far greater than if it were to go to zero.

Which at this point, is quite frankly impossible.

The world needs decentralised, secure, censorship-resistant monetary networks.

And there are only 2 that currently fit the bill.

Buy the dip.

It’s time.

Finding outside money to buy the dip

Now, I don’t think there’s any doubt that the majority of us Hive die-hards are trapped in our own little bubble.

Let’s be up front.

If you’re still grinding away here on Hive after all this time, then most likely you don’t have a lot of dry powder for buying the dip.

And if you did, then you would have bought it already!

Come on, I know it’s just not me…

Most of my crypto activities are in some way tied to the Hive and LeoFinance ecosystem.

Personally, my Hive crypto journey follows a strategy of moving money around within the ecosystem to get the most bang for my buck.

Between curation rewards, free money via airdrops and LP rewards, I continue to be able to stack at a fairly decent rate without pouring much, if any, new money in.

I’m a prime example of showing how people can use Hive and crypto to literally build value out of nothing.

How good is crypto, right?!

But buying the dip requires outside money to be brought into the ecosystem and I’m just not doing a lot of it.

One of my 2022 personal goals was to focus on doing things that make me the most amount of money, with the least effort.

Basically focusing on certain types of content that I can repurpose into other areas of my freelancing business and personal brand.

All with the goal of making more money from my external business.

It’s now 5 months into the year and…

Well let’s just say that I’ve so far failed miserably in sticking to another new years resolution.

While in no way am I doing bad, I certainly do waste a shitload of time that could be more efficiently spent making more money elsewhere.

Generating a larger income and allowing me to actually buy the dip that the markets are currently immersed in.

In saying that however, don’t get me wrong.

I mean, it’s not like I’ve completely and utterly wasted my time here.

I’ve created an a shitload of relatively quality content here on LeoFinance - At least from the point of view that Google indexes our version of the post.

All that isn’t going anywhere and will continue to drive ongoing value to the LEO token when the ad revenue mechanism is finally integrated into Leo Power.

In the meantime I’ve built a juicy LEO stake and positions in LBI and the SWAP.HIVE:LEO LP.

I’m certainly not complaining.

But I could and most certainly should be doing more.

Could you?

Best of probabilities to you.

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