RE: Why an appealing thumbnail is important for your content

Hmmm... a full sentence in the brackets. I've always just used a couple of keywords, I will adjust and see if it increases view count over the long run. You have a lot of good info!


RE: Is Crypto The Issue? Or is it This?

lol, trying some social push with some clickbait to see traffic numbers besides just SEO. Never hurts. I just don't like to get too click baity

My Latest Project: Introducing LeoGlossary

This is something that I was mulling over for a while. Now, it is being unleashed to the Leofinance community in an effort to help advance the entire platform.

What is LeoGlossary?

Basically it is using the immutable text storage feature of the Hive blockchain to help create a database of fin...

RE: The metaverse in augmented reality?

I was thinking the other day when talking with someone about land and real estate and the situation in my town where you can't literally find any plot of land having utilities connected to it that you can build on that's probably time for the virtual land real estate market to boom. One guy bought s...

RE: The metaverse in augmented reality?

Nobody can forget the craze that surrounded the launch of Pokémon Go. I saw so many people getting outside regularly for the first time since Brit childhood thanks to that game. It’s still pretty popular now even, for kids and adults both.

I’m convinced that smart glasses will catch on eventually ...

RE: Why an appealing thumbnail is important for your content

It's very pleasing that orange with very legible text.

You mentioning SEO is another massive benefit to this thumbnail thing. Thanks for bringing that up. I’m lucky that I’ve been in a habit of naming my files accordingly, so that’s a lot better in terms of SEO instead of something like JPEG-128 o...

RE: The metaverse in augmented reality?

For some reason, I just like the idea of VR over AR. Maybe it's because I am lazy and prefer to go full virtual instead of walking around.

RE: Safety Killed Freedom

I wear it. I'm against the fine though. That's what I find oppressing.