RE: What is the sense of a 1% upvote on the Hive blockchain?

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Another thing to remember is that anything below 2c is counted as dust and the reward on the upvote is lost anyway.

If you're going to play with smaller upvotes, I'd recommend setting up @dustsweeper so those you're voting actually receive rewards.

The only reason I can think to do the 1% thing everywhere is to get your name out there as much as possible.

Playing the numbers game to put your face in front of those with stake.

Hoping they'll eventually come back and upvote your shit?

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Is @dustsweeper still in action? I was using it a long time ago, but at some point, I think the service stopped working, and didn't revisit it.


Yep, still going strong.

I've been using it since we launched Threads because I upvote every thread I comment with a 5% vote.

In LEO terms, voting 5% on Threads works fine - But in HIVE terms, it can drop below the dust cut-off if my VP is low.

So Dustsweeper picks up the slack:

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