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I cant help but nitice that this is just a battle between two big players, EOS never seems to got a strong community around, despite the great tech.

EOS is polarising

Do you really think they don't have a die-hard community?

I'm certainly not in the know, but whenever I click a Tweet featuring EOS, there are always people in the replies willing to die on the hill defending the project.

...But in saying that, there's equally as many die-hard haters haha.

EOS is probably the most polarising crypto project.

Also as we know HF a stake really takes a type of "alien invasion" event so the community comes together, something that I dont see in the eos case.

The EOS community vs Block.One is NOT the same as Steem vs Hive

Yes, all communities could fork out their founders...

But every project's 'community' is going to feature a broad and diverse set of people and ideas.

As you said, it is going to take some sort of significant event to bring all factions together.

Our own Hive community got that when Justin Sun came to essentially destroy everything we had built on Steem, forcefully taking the chain in the totally opposite ideological direction.

That was literally a make or break, alien invasion type event.

However, I just don't see arguing over what Block.One is going to do with EOS's vested stake as being the same.

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